Gold Investment And Why You Should Be Watching This As 1 Sound Investment

Gold Investment

Gold Investment yields return. That is no secret looking at the millionaires and billionaires around the world today.

Now, whereas the majority would rather play it safe and not lose their money on a bad deal, the rich and powerful live for this because as a matter of fact, that is how they retain their wealth-by investing.

Given the almost uncountable assets that span across the vast range of industries currently, some assets that have been standing out from time immemorial are still making huge hits in the present day.

Gold is undeniably one of these.

Valuable As A Sound Gold Investment

Of course, you already know the tale of King Midas with his golden touch. Gold is valuable and that is a hard fact.

In comparison with all other metals on the periodic table, gold is the most malleable and ductile. It is not easily corroded and does not oxidize hence is not liable to attack from rust, reason why its luster is highly attractive.

One major factor that influences longevity and high returns of an asset is its value. Clearly gold has that great quality of an asset.

Having being valuable for centuries past and confidently centuries to come, investing in gold provides great financial safety for those fearful of losing money due to loss of value of assets so definitely consider a gold investment.

An Eternal Appeal As A Sound Gold Investment

Adding to the value of this metal is also its coloration. Apart from Copper(is easily corroded), Gold is the only other metal that does not possess a silvery color or something similar. The color of gold is in the yellow spectrum.

Scientists have proven that yellow is the first color to be seen among others; reason why school buses are painted yellow, so that road users do not miss seeing it.

No wonder gold is used for jewelry because it gives one the ability to stand out in a crowd; something many people strive for and is a gold investment.

An asset that has eternal appeal as such will yield an eternal Return on Investment (ROI), it is as simple as that. It is a directly proportional relationship.

Leveraging Scarcity

Scarcity is defined as an acute shortage in the supply of a good or service. Suppliers can leverage this situation by stepping prices up, and those in demand will still purchase because they are in need and the goods are limited.

Gold is scarce. Even though not the rarest element on earth, it is not in abundance either. The difficulty in mining it explains why this is so.

Intense heat and pressure are required for pure samples of gold to be extracted from their ore – most often quartz.

Being a natural metal, it takes close to twenty years for small amounts of unrefined gold to be produced in the earth’s crust. So if overproduction was your concern you have nothing to worry about anymore.


Gold from ages past till present is used for a wide range of things and more of its uses are still to be discovered.

The most popular and widespread use of this great asset is in jewelry manufacturing. Pure gold jewelry is very costly in the range of $1000 to $3000 and some are even priceless! What a gold investment!

Gold is a good heat conductor. It is the third most electrical conductor among the metals and as such it is used widely in the technology industry to make conductors that transmit digital signals clearly and at high speed.

Not to mention its use in the medicine and dental industry, and we’re not talking about 50 Cent’s shiny gold teeth yet.

Radioactive gold implants are used for the treatment of different cancers. Instruments for surgical use are made of gold.

Others are gold plated, for example, gold plated scissors or forceps on the handle indicate the upper part of the instrument has Tungsten Carbide(TC).

These are just a few of the uses of gold.

Gold Investment in an asset with a wide scope of use which is scarce is surely a good one.

Gold Carries Financial Superiority in Itself

Investing in gold and gold investment has the benefit of it being an established market already that has been in existence through generations.

Because of this, cash flow from this is guaranteed by a huge ratio as compared to other investment schemes literally.

Very wealthy people would prefer to have their loads of cash in more portable cubes of gold as their gold investment. Gold as an asset does not depreciate in value, as explained previously, gold is very valuable and is not liable to environmental conditions and nearly all corrosive substances.

No Counterparty Risk

In business and investing, trust is important, but given that naturally, survival instincts tend to make members of the animal behave somewhat selfishly – and man being human – working with counterparts is not always the most pleasant experience for many.

Statistics on assets and investments state that gold and silver are the only monetary assets that are not someone else’s liability.

This, in turn, means that owning these, one is not dependent on another person’s honesty, trust or abiding in the deal.

In addition, having gold as an asset and gold investment saves you the trouble of having to be supported by a government, bank, or any form of corporate or financial organization.

You can own gold as a private property like your toothpaste or clothing; after all, you do not need to sign a pact for that.

As a matter of fact, individuals with gold jewelry are in possession of these as their private property and gold investment.

A brief statement describing investment in gold would be to say gold is a high-value financial asset.

Wealth is defined by Wikipedia as the abundance of high-value financial assets. Putting one and two together, it is clear that indeed having an asset like gold would reap tremendous benefits, not only in the present but in the long run – the very long run.

A highlight on the importance of gold as an asset would be the financial security that is provided. For people seeking to gain wealth in this present millennium, it is more than evident that putting money into this would effortlessly yield returns.

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