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7 Easy Steps to Make Money With SEO

Make Money With SEO

Make money with SEO – SEO specialist emphasizes the importance of content. In the world of SEO content remains supreme.

Some sites get on top of search engine rankings due to high-powered link building campaigns; however, this isn’t the case with every website.

Sites need visitors and traffic retention all of which can only be achieved with optimized content, and this is the key to any business success that translates to big money sources with SEO in the long run.

Here is a list of 7 steps in optimizing your website for search engine use and hence making more money.

1. URLs

A well-structured URL needs to be semantically correct. This makes it simple to identify the subject of the URL that is beneficial to both search engines and also users.

Also, a semantically correct URL makes it easy for webmasters to get search engine-referred traffic thanks to the keywords in the URL.

Site URL must be meaningful and straightforward, avoid having page URL’s that are dynamic.

This mostly happens with the content management system that is used.

2. Write Good Content

Content shouldn’t be written for search engines; it should only be written for people. This means creating high-quality content that is engaging and useful for your audience; this is something search engines look at first and key when looking to make money with SEO.

If your content is good, your readers will share your content which will help in generating traffic and back links.

Don’t abuse keywords; some brilliant pieces are penalized by Penguin because of too many keywords.

You need to write content that is so brilliant that people want to share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and various social media platforms so you can really make money with SEO.

3. Submit Your Web Page To SEO Lists

This is the best way to build a quality one-way link to your website and many people make money with SEO like this.

4. Get External Links To Your Pages

The web is full of links some of which can be beneficial. Some companies have customers or suppliers all of which have accounts.

Each of these suppliers has online presents in the form of a website, and this is the norm for most businesses.

A link exchange can be beneficial for your business partnership. This can be achieved with a “client page” on their site which links to your website; you can also have a “suppliers” link on your website that links to their site.

5. Image Quality And Alt Tags

Pictures always add dimension to any site. However, search engines can’t recognize them unless they have the necessary information.

This is where things such as captions, descriptions, titles and alternate text come in.

This isn’t an opportunity to abuse keywords as this can have the opposite effect.

Some people search for information via Google image this is where you can capitalize on a business.

If your images are of good quality, you’re bound to get more potential customers; consider getting a good web design as this can get you more traffic in your quest to make money with SEO.

This is where web development companies come in; they create some of the most amazing work for just about any website.

More traffic means more make money with SEO for you.

6. Include Anchor Text Links

Make sure there are variations in the text as this helps anchor text links.

Search engine spiders follow links on a page as a way of determining website structure.

The text used in the links is information used by search engines spiders. Another option is key phrases which can be highlighted in bold letters.

7. Join A Bookmarking Community.

Bookmarking communities are networks that link people who are members to information and bypass the entire search engine concept in favor of a community based “tagging” system that tags websites in common, user-friendly vocabulary.

This is another low-cost type of fast site promotion that can increase traffic to your page allowing you to make money with seo.

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