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Becoming A Micro Influencer

Micro Influencer

You can think of a micro influencer as a small-scale social media influencer. Most people do not even try to become micro influencers. Your everyday account could be enough to be an influencer. As long as you have a few thousand followers on one of the main social media sites such as instagram, then you are off to a good start and could potentially make money.

There are many people who use their social media accounts to make money. If you have a large following on one of the sites, then you can potentially make income from becoming a micro influencer.

Become a Micro Influencer: Mainstream

The most popular way for becoming a micro influencer is through instagram. Instagram has millions and millions of users who post pictures or videos daily. There are many companies that hire people with lots of followers to post their items onto their account with certain hashtags so that more people can see what they’re promoting and possibly buy it.

Influencer for audiences and brands

The company pays these micro influencers to promote the item in order for them to gain more popularity on Instagram which indirectly helps the company sell its products or services more easily. This process is called sponsorships .

Not all micro influencers get paid too

If your following isn’t big enough, then the company might not choose you to advertise their item or service. That’s why micro influencers are more popular now because it takes less effort and skill than becoming a full-blown social media influencer or even becoming an actual celebrity.

How do you become a micro influencer?

Choosing your niche

Nobody is going to pay you to push their products unless you give them a way to reach their target market. This means that you need to have a niche. A type of content that is published on your social media accounts. You need to show that you are knowledgeable. The best part is that you don’t actually need thousands of followers if you have selected your niche well.

It could be a couple of hundred. As long as you have built up a network of targeted followers, companies will be willing to pay you to share your influence among your group.

The simplicity of micro influencers vs celebrity

Reaching micro influencer level is actually easier than becoming an actual celebrity. You really just need one of the main social media platforms like instagram, facebook, or twitter and have some followers on there already will take you far as becoming any kind of micro influencer. You should maybe start out by posting photos that are related to what you think people want to see and engage with online such as selfies, pictures of your pets, funny videos or photos.

Create engagement through posts before trying to achieve millions of followers

These are the most popular things on any site such as facebook or instagram. Do you have a hobby that’s related to becoming an influencer? If so then try to post content that will attract others like you into liking what you’re doing and becoming a fan of what you do.

There are no real ‘tips’ for the selection of niche here. As long as you choose a niche that you understand and are passionate about, you will be well on your way to making cash.

Plan Your Content (Instagram post etc.)

If you want to gain and keep followers, you need to have a content plan. You can’t post content ad-hoc. You need to conform to a specific schedule. You need to have rules about the type of content you will post. Your content also needs to encourage interaction. All of these processes will need to be shared with the brands you are working with. Make sure you write them down.

Your content needs to be engaging

For a standard influencer (aka deploying influencer marketing), the product is the actual person creating the content or posts. That isn’t the case if you are a micro influencer. Your content is the product. It needs to be entertaining. It needs to be something that people want to read. Micro influencers often fall short and can disappoint brands and even their own audiences if the posts, video, or creative don’t match or produce engagement.

True Influencer Marketing

In order to build up your initial following, you should put a lot of effort into crafting informational articles. Don’t have any promotion. Just look to educate people. Once you have built up the following, that is when you can start to incorporate a bit of promotion into your content. Remember; you can’t become authoritative if it looks like you are ‘overselling’ products.

Be Professional While Influencer Marketing!

Your social media account is your brand here. Be professional. This isn’t us saying that you can’t go out there and create ‘fun’ posts. Do that if your followers are asking for that. What we are saying is that everything you need to do should be done in a professional manner.

Don’t get into abusing your followers or sharing less-than-savory viewpoints. Many people have killed their micro influencer status by not being able to stay calm during online interactions.

Our Thoughts

As long as you cultivate a following by being knowledgeable your niche, the brands will get in touch with you. This is going to be a slow process. It could take months. Even years. Influencer marketing is incredibly powerful (remember when Elon Musk tweeted about cryptocurrency this year?).

Become an influencer for yourself and major brands

As mentioned previously, being a micro influencer is easier than becoming an actual celebrity . When achieving a micro influencer status , it’s more about quality instead of quantity too. For example, if you have 10k followers on instagram with mostly engagement rate and likes on each photo but they only last for like several hours or days even though people keep engaging with them nonstop , then the company won’t choose you as a micro influencer.

Companies want their items or service to be posted by someone who has more followers and likes that last for weeks and months rather than just several hours. This is what makes becoming an influencer easy but becoming an actual celebrity hard because it requires greater time, effort, skills, connections, experience , luck , etc.

Micro Influencers aren’t so micro

In today’s world of social media becoming an influencer is becoming easier than becoming an actual celebrity . The only thing that you need is the right tools like an instagram account with lots of followers already on there with pictures or videos related to whatever company you’re trying to promote.

Once you have this, then micro influencer status will be simple enough for anyone to do. The most important part of becoming any type of micro influencers is to engage with your audience and post content that they will relate to and want to share with others.

All of this boils down to becoming an influencer who is perceived as a trusted source. After becoming an expert in your field, you can create content for brands and help them market their products over social media.

Competition exists, but it’s not bad!

Naturally there are going to be some people who have more followers than others . That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You just have to work hard . To help with becoming a micro influencer , you can look at how other people became successful and used their ideas to create your own. Be creative too!

We really hope this helped anyone looking for becoming a micro influencer on social media!

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