Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

There are many programs of affiliate marketing to choose from; it can be challenging on what Program to promote, especially for beginners. So what are the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners? Let’s dive into it:

Starting a blog is not a problem; the issue is how to monetize that blog with affiliate marketing correctly. The worst thing that can happen to any beginner is to choose the wrong Program; this can be a setback for months. To be on the right track, a beginner should select the right Program to see success and results. Affiliate marketing can take some time before a blogger can start seeing results: say around 6 to 12 months. Thus, when in this business, the bloggers are encouraged to practice patience. Before beginning any program, a blogger should build their blog for three months; then, they can start their affiliate marketing journey.

Some of the things to look at before choosing any program are:

• Payments and Commission
• The point of contact
• Ease in Using

Affiliate marketing is the process of marketing other person products, company products or even services, and in the process, an affiliate commission is earned. The question of “what is the best Affiliate marketing program for beginners “? Pops- up a lot; that is why this article will focus on looking at the two best affiliate marketing programs take a look.


• What is Commission Hero?

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Commission Hero or Commission Hero Pro is rated as the top Clickbank affiliate marketing program globally created by Robby Blanchard; it promises to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to develop their online businesses. This is based on a $26 million case study; the entrepreneurs are taught how to run ads on YouTube, Facebook, and Native ads and learn to use software and professional tools that others have already used to generate millions. Robby promises that even those who have limited skills can easily use this Program to make up to $1000 profit in a single day. If the Clickbank is appropriately scaled, users can get massive returns by working a few hours a week. The operation of this Program is based on these three-step secret systems, which includes:

• How to get the best offers that have high payments
• How to make use of Facebook to run ads using those offers and make a profit
• Lastly, The Robby Blanchard system that has three steps that compel people to buy the offers.

Does this work? We are about to find out. This Program is made up of an eight-week masterclass, which is priced at $2500. So, one may wonder what a Clickbank is? It can be described as an e-commerce platform that features Supplement, eBooks and other products. This platform works by connecting affiliates who sell products online with those who make products that can be anything. Affiliates earn Commission per sale even as high as 75% using Clickbank.

How does Commission Hero Work?

• Commission hero teaches interested affiliate marketers how they will use to acquire traffic using Facebook ads to their landing pages. Squeeze/landing pages help a user get email addresses to sell the affiliate products of their choice from Clickbank. The course offers a lot of legit training, which will help a beginner to start a successful affiliate marketing business.

In total, there are twelve modules and 40 videos. Some of the essential modules in this course include:

• Ways of choosing the perfect offers
• How to find ad images
• How to set up a landing page
• How to track a campaign
• How to scale
• marketing through emails

Commission Hero seven components

Here are seven components on which the operation of Commission Hero is based on:

• First Component: The eight week Live Masterclasses

This is essential on this training program, and it is an online-based course which features guides, videos and PDF eBooks. This module’s main thing focuses on how Robby works and how to implement his proven system while creating your Clickbank empire. This masterclass has all the resources, coaching and software needed by beginners, and it guarantees user success when conducting the Clickbank marketing technique. It teaches a step-by-step procedure of making $100 per day and converts that into $1000 per day. They provide a user with strategies, training and tools which help in getting results in the Clickbank business.

• Second Component: Commission Hero Pro Toolkit

Robby has made custom tools that users will use to improve their success chances. This includes things like;
A) The software which is used in writing ad copies,
B) Ways of creating ads within a period of 30mins,
C) The software which will help in tripling advertising returns,
D) The software helps in finding audiences that are hidden, among others
E) He claims to have used more than $100,000 to develop these tools and that they save a user a great deal as they begin to build their Clickbank empire.

• Third Component: Commission Hero Quiz Building Software

Purchasing the online course will come with software that converts clicks into money. A user is required to play and plug that software while using the developer templates. Through this, a user can instantaneously make landing pages and websites, which will push conversions to the user’s offers. Robby claims that this particular software is tested and proven. This software also gives Robby knowledge and experience for better-accelerated results.

• Fourth Component: The Million Dollar Vault offer

In this particular Component Robby goes ahead to explain how to access exclusive offers to make between $100 to $400 on each sale. This Component teaches users negotiation skills which will lead to high–converting offers which will, in turn, lead to massive returns generation. This will also solidify a user Clickbank empire.

• Fifth Component: Traffic lead cash Machine

In this Component, the developer shares the secrets that he uses to drive campaigns that are profitable to a user offers. This is important for any marketing campaign done digitally. It features a procedural blueprint that will deliver more sales daily even though a person had failed before. He gives the strategies for acquiring dirt –very cheap clicks from the anxiously waiting people to buy that product being promoted by the affiliate. He also gives his method of scaling up a business much faster.

• Sixth Component: Thorough Scale

This Component provides lessons of Going from spending nothing to thousands daily profitably in less than 30 days. This is through paying for ad traffic; an affiliate marketer can push their targeted traffic to their offers. This Component will explain how this will function, how to scale and get paid traffic which will aid in building the Clickbank empire.

• Seventh Component: The Commission Hero community

A signed-up learner of this course will also be given access to the Program’s online support community. This community is made of like-minded people who also are signed in into the Program. Roby and his team are also part of it, and they will provide 24/7 support and customer services which will help drive the affiliate marketer to success.

According to the developer, this training will assist an affiliate marketer in turning into an online pro. If a person has failed in Clickbank marketing before, making little money below your expectation and want to make more this Program will be suitable for you.

What is Commission Hero Pricing?

The Program is priced at $2497 in total or three payments, priced at $997. Here is how it is broken down:
• One payment of $2497 or
• Three costs, each worth $997, will be billed within 30 days in parts.

CH Refund Policy

This Program provides a thirty-day refund policy on their Program. He claims that if an affiliate marketer does not see desirable results within the 30 days of enrolling in his training, he will give back your money.
If the Program makes a user unhappy for any reason within 30 days, then an affiliate marketer is free to request, and no queries will be asked.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

He is the best affiliate marketer globally; he came into fame through Clickbank. In an affiliate marketing contest, he emerged first by generating the most sales using Clickbank. His career didn’t start with the digital marketing system; before the fame, he was just an ordinary man who owned a Crossfit gym in 2014. It turned to be a great success when he shifted his attention to online marketing, where he advocated for his fitness business. He started noticing the power that paid Facebook ads had and even wrote a book, “How to make $1K a Day”; in this book, he taught people how to earn $1000 daily.

He is verified on Instagram and boasts more than 300,000 followers; he has been in magazines like the Entrepreneur Magazine, The Fox and the Wall Street Journal. Currently, he sells a variety of products using his Commission Hero brand, like live events, products and other services. There is a lot more about this great affiliate marketer, but this is better heard directly from his official website.

Will I earn Commission from Commission Hero?

Commission Hero has no affiliate marketing program that pays a marketer directly when they recommend others successfully. Income does not come now from them; instead, it teaches affiliate marketers how they will find services or products through affiliate networks like Max Web, Clickbank, and A4D: When a marketer promotes and sells products from either when they will earn Commission.

Conclusively, to learn more about Commission Hero, visit their website. This Program is purely for training, and no commission can be generated from it. So, before a beginner decides to invest in this course, they should be aware of that fact. According to various testimonials from the Commission Hero students and other users, the knowledge offered here is worth investing in.


What is Perpetual Income 365?

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Is Perpetual Income 365 the Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners? Let’s find out!

First things first, let’s understand what Perpetual Income 365 is and how it works. This Program was developed by Shawn Josiah, a developer who at one time worked for Netflix. Perpetual Income 365 is made for those who do not have the know-how or time to go through the whole mind-numbing process to make money online. The affiliate marketing program is designed to take care of the complicated and fundamental details and still provide their clients with periodic Income. The Program does all the tedious work, and the client reaps maximum benefits. The marketing package is designed with simplicity and a step by step guide which has the following components:

• 2 squeeze pages of clients choice which are ready-made
• Web hosting technique for two pages
• an email designed for follow-up after 31 days
• A guide to creating solo traffic
• How does Perpetual Income 365 work?

Once a person opts to use Perpetual income 365, they will get two pre-designed squeeze pages, a hosting web system for these two pages, detailed instructions for performing solo adverts traffic, and a follow –up email sequence after every 31 days.
These 2 squeeze pages received are websites that possess URLs; visitors that website can use the URL to sign up. After signing up, a person receives the Perpetual 365 email address, which can be used for the new signee email campaign. When a visitor clicks on the URL, they are automatically redirected to the Revenue Generation page, and there they will be allowed to buy PI365. If the visitor decides to use their money, the person who had signed up will get a 50% commission.

Web hosting is very important as this is what will enable the squeeze pages to be online. Web hosting is simply a space on a particular server that is made available to a site. The follow-up email sequence will be sent for 31 days, and this email campaign belongs to the individual whose site redirected you like the new signee to the program.

The Solo advertisement Traffic detailed instructions are necessary to enable you, like the new signee, to bring traffic to your site. The Commission is only earned when people visit your website and decides to sign-up and invest; this can be impossible without proper advertising. That is why Solo advertisement traffic is crucial.

Who is the Perpetual Income 365 designed for?

On the start page of this Program, the inventor Shawn Josiah has a group of people he targets. These are:
• Those who hate and are tired of their jobs
• The people are feeling trapped in the “hamster wheel.”
• Those people who are afraid of the next recession and want to get extra money for those bad times
• Those who lack job security

According to the inventor, this Program is aimed at everyone who feels like they would like to have a second income online.
To get started, a person should have a laptop or computer, a tablet and smartphone can also be used in certain circumstances, internet accessibility, the urge to learn something new and the willingness and motivation to use their free time.
They make it clear that no technical knowledge is required; thus, this Program is suitable even for people who do not have any affiliate marketing knowledge. They can be able to get some income from PI365; this is according to the developer.

How to get started on Perpetual Income 365

The perpetual Income works in these steps. To get started, this is where to start from

The PI365 Members Area

There are some essential items in the program member area; therefore, a beginner selects the provided offers carefully and wisely. For instance, there are many upsells that are not necessary initially; a beginner can operate well without them.
The good thing with their member area is that it is straightforward to use and easy to comprehend; anyone can be able to use it without putting in much effort and experience.

PI365 also keeps their member user friendly; it has a few welcome videos which a beginner can follow for a step-by-step guide.
The account worth $47, which will assist a beginner in getting some landing pages; there are five more pages that are accessible with this upsell. There also will be pre-written emails which amount to 30, which are to be sent for the next thirty days, each daily.
The member area also provides users with a choice to purchase solo emails. There are different plans for those emails, say for $80, a user is likely to get 100 clicks, and $120 will give 200 clicks. If your intention is purchasing email clicks from the program member area, ensure it is from providers who have a well-built list. This is important for beginners as it will help them to get traffic into their landing page quickly.

The member area also lets the beginners and all users link with the Clickbank account; this will eventually allow beginners to promote the Clickbank products. For beginners who are not aware of buying solo ads, Shawn offers training videos on the procedure of buying solo ads.

Benefits of using Perpetual Income 365

A lot of beginners will wonder why they should choose PI365 and no other affiliate marketing programs. Here are some benefits that make it suitable for beginners and users in general.

• This program email marketing system is automated; it automatically sends traffic to user squeeze pages, leading to potential sales.
• The Program is simple to use, and beginners do not need to be experts to begin affiliate marketing using emails
• This affiliate marketing site has clear guidelines provided in their member areas which can be followed with ease.
• They have a team that is ready to help users when there is a need.
• It doesn’t need many working hours to set up a recurring income stream; one hour a day is enough.
• This is a good income generation stream as the average daily Income can be $433.
• In case you are a beginner and unsure whether to invest in this Program, they have you in mind as they have a 14 day trial period that goes for $9; if not satisfied with their services, the subscription can be canceled anytime and money refunded. Where to purchase PI365?

PI365 is made available for purchase from their official website only. This is the only legit purchase, and it will come with the features mentioned above.

What are the pros and cons of PI365?

• You can operate this Program yourself; thus, there is no need to spend money on designers or copywriters.
• There is no additional hosting required as it comes with free hosting accounts to all the landing page
• It has very competitive converting emails
• The Program costs $47 per month, which is much affordable than hiring professionals.
• The email list created with each sign-up forever remain on your account; this can be used on other marketing places
• It is affordable compared to other competitors offering the same services.
• The Program gives a 60days warranty if unsure of getting your money back from Clickbank
• Has a Facebook support group
• It has very great potential where the right products are chosen
• It does not require previous affiliate marketing knowledge.

• The cost can be a bit confusing at the beginning
• Generation of Income from this site is mainly dependent on the discipline and amount of work put in place
• It is a must to use using the perspective of the GetResponse technique.
• At the moment, only one product can be traded
• A subscription is mandatory to get the response for automation.

From many reviews from affiliate marketers who use Perpetual Income 365, the Program is legit and is worth investing in. For any beginner to make money on this Program they have to put in some hard work, which solely depends on a person. It is also very affordable based on the amount used versus the returns that both novice and experts can get from it.

We have looked at two of the best affiliate marketing programs, through each deal with different ideologies, but all are focused on helping an affiliate marketer, especially a beginner. While Commission Hero is a course for affiliate marketing, Perpetual Income 365 is an income-generating Program. So, before taking a step and investing in any, it is imperative to know what you would like to achieve from each.

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