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Make Money Using YouTube Shorts

YouTube is a platform where you make money by monetizing your content. There are many ways to make money on YouTube, but one of the most popular methods is through adsense. We’re going to teach you how to make money using youtube shorts videos in this guide.

With this method, you would make money off of videos that have advertisements displayed as they play and when someone clicks on those ads.

Now however, there is another way to make money from YouTube: YouTube Shorts! These videos are between 5-20 seconds long and allow for more creative opportunities in comparison to regular length videos.

If you want to learn how monetize your short video content with adsense or other means now while it’s still early adoption stages, then read this article below!

So how do you make money on YouTube?

The answer is simple. Put out the content people want to see and make it relevant to their needs! This article covered a few ways that are still early adoption stages as well as some tips for monetizing your videos in general.

What Is A YouTube Shorts Video And Why Should You Use It?

There are many benefits of using youtube shorts video clips within youtube marketing campaigns . One of the benefits is that it can make your content more engaging for viewers. Short videos enable quick pitches and monetization strategies like affiliate marketing.

When people are watching a video, they often want something to hold their attention. Short clips allow you to do this without having to make an entirely new video!

How To Monetize Your YouTube Shorts Content: Can’t With Adsense – Yet!

There are many ways to make money on YouTube. This article covers two ways that are still early adoption stages and one way to make money in general: adsense. Monetizing your content with adsense is as simple as submitting the video you want monetized, filling out some information about it (title, description) and watching youtube’s algorithm do its job!

Warning on youtube shorts

The only caveat here is that your YouTube channel and content needs to be approved by their partner program which calls for 1,000 subscribers AND 4,000 hours of video content watched. Like so:

make money using youtube shorts

YouTube Shorts Videos & Adsense:

According to google support article to date…”Short-form video creators can’t share revenue from advertisements played in the Shorts player. Instead, we’ve started the YouTube Shorts Fund to reward creators for their contributions to Shorts.”

So how do you make money with YouTube Shorts Videos?

You simply do traditional affiliate marketing with videos that are less than a minute long. This means that keyword selection for your video is crucial. You want the keyword to make sense in the context of your video and make it easy for viewers to find.

For example, if you have a short clip talking about how coffee is not good for weight loss then select keywords like “coffee” or “weight loss.” You should also include long-form content on this topic because people may want to learn more about this topic.

How To Monetize Short Videos With YouTube Shorts Fund:

  1. The first step is make videos that are under a minute long and make them relevant to your audience’s needs.
  2. The next step would be keyword selection for the video as well as content creation on related topics so people have somewhere to go for more information.
  3. The third step would be make sure the video you created is submitted to youtube partner program and that your YouTube channel has at least 1000 subscribers AND 4000 hours of content watched.

This will make it go through Youtube’s algorithm faster! Lastly, wait for the videos adsense approval process (which takes about three weeks) before monetizing your content!

Video creation tools for short videos:

Here is a list of video creation tools that you can use to make youtube shorts video content:

  1. Canva (works really well for youtube shorts and scalable)
  2. Videoshop (great for quick short form videos)
  3. KineMaster
  4. VideoPad Video Editor
  5. Adobe Premier Pro or Adobe Animate CC (Free Trial and make high quality youtube content)
  6. The list of youtube short video tools is long and ever changing. However, make sure you are using free online resources because they will allow for the fastest monetization process!

Monetizing YouTube Videos: Adsense, Amazon Associates & More

There are many ways to make money with youtube. This article covered two of the more popular methods and one newer method that is still early adoption stages: adsense.

Amazon Associates (duh)

The easiest way to make money on Youtube is by using amazon associates in any videos you make. Ad serving won’t be enabled for these 60 seconds pieces of content but that’s ok!

One way to have monetized vids instantly is by putting a link in the video description or at the end of your video clip and linking it back to an Amazon product that you think would make sense for your content!

Another popular youtube monetization method is adsense sponsored videos. This article covered what one needs to do in order make money on youtube so we won’t dive into it here.

What makes Youtube Videos convert?

Creating highly engaging youtube video content along with the right keyword selection is the recipe for a successful shorts video that will make you money.  YouTube Shorts is a great opportunity for small creators with little time to create their own content. The process is quick and the potential payout large.

What are shorts video ideas for YouTube?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Simply look up the niche you’re interested in and find videos that are labeled with a hash tag shorts (it will look like this: #shorts) in the title of the video. Then take inspiration from what you watch on youtube – or from the youtube homepage – and start creating similar short form content.

Youtube = Google search

Google uses a carbon copy algorithm almost for its own search engine so treat youtube like a search engine as well. If you do the YouTube SEO correctly, you’ll find your videos ranking in the google search results which helps set you apart from thousands of creators. This has the potential to translate into awesome monetized ads eventually for your channel.

Shorts and short form video are #short for a reason

Because these shorts videos are 60 seconds or less, make sure that you make your videos as relevant to the viewers needs and watch for keywords in the video description.

Additionally, make a list of what topics people are interested in most and make short clips on those subjects too! Finally, make it easy for them to find more information after watching by including links or embedding longer pieces of content adjacent to your video.

Do you need a blog or site to deliver or serve your audience?

The quick answer is no.

If you want to send your channel audience from the short clips straight to an affiliate offer or landing page, you can.

You also have the option to build a small google site by going to site.google.com and throwing a quick asset together to embed your videos on. It would lend more authority to the channel at least in the beginning.

Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

There are many programs of affiliate marketing to choose from; it can be challenging on what Program to promote, especially for beginners. So what are the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners? Let’s dive into it:

Starting a blog is not a problem; the issue is how to monetize that blog with affiliate marketing correctly. The worst thing that can happen to any beginner is to choose the wrong Program; this can be a setback for months. To be on the right track, a beginner should select the right Program to see success and results. Affiliate marketing can take some time before a blogger can start seeing results: say around 6 to 12 months. Thus, when in this business, the bloggers are encouraged to practice patience. Before beginning any program, a blogger should build their blog for three months; then, they can start their affiliate marketing journey.

Some of the things to look at before choosing any program are:

• Payments and Commission
• The point of contact
• Ease in Using

Affiliate marketing is the process of marketing other person products, company products or even services, and in the process, an affiliate commission is earned. The question of “what is the best Affiliate marketing program for beginners “? Pops- up a lot; that is why this article will focus on looking at the two best affiliate marketing programs take a look.


• What is Commission Hero?

YouTube video

Commission Hero or Commission Hero Pro is rated as the top Clickbank affiliate marketing program globally created by Robby Blanchard; it promises to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to develop their online businesses. This is based on a $26 million case study; the entrepreneurs are taught how to run ads on YouTube, Facebook, and Native ads and learn to use software and professional tools that others have already used to generate millions. Robby promises that even those who have limited skills can easily use this Program to make up to $1000 profit in a single day. If the Clickbank is appropriately scaled, users can get massive returns by working a few hours a week. The operation of this Program is based on these three-step secret systems, which includes:

• How to get the best offers that have high payments
• How to make use of Facebook to run ads using those offers and make a profit
• Lastly, The Robby Blanchard system that has three steps that compel people to buy the offers.

Does this work? We are about to find out. This Program is made up of an eight-week masterclass, which is priced at $2500. So, one may wonder what a Clickbank is? It can be described as an e-commerce platform that features Supplement, eBooks and other products. This platform works by connecting affiliates who sell products online with those who make products that can be anything. Affiliates earn Commission per sale even as high as 75% using Clickbank.

How does Commission Hero Work?

• Commission hero teaches interested affiliate marketers how they will use to acquire traffic using Facebook ads to their landing pages. Squeeze/landing pages help a user get email addresses to sell the affiliate products of their choice from Clickbank. The course offers a lot of legit training, which will help a beginner to start a successful affiliate marketing business.

In total, there are twelve modules and 40 videos. Some of the essential modules in this course include:

• Ways of choosing the perfect offers
• How to find ad images
• How to set up a landing page
• How to track a campaign
• How to scale
• marketing through emails

Commission Hero seven components

Here are seven components on which the operation of Commission Hero is based on:

• First Component: The eight week Live Masterclasses

This is essential on this training program, and it is an online-based course which features guides, videos and PDF eBooks. This module’s main thing focuses on how Robby works and how to implement his proven system while creating your Clickbank empire. This masterclass has all the resources, coaching and software needed by beginners, and it guarantees user success when conducting the Clickbank marketing technique. It teaches a step-by-step procedure of making $100 per day and converts that into $1000 per day. They provide a user with strategies, training and tools which help in getting results in the Clickbank business.

• Second Component: Commission Hero Pro Toolkit

Robby has made custom tools that users will use to improve their success chances. This includes things like;
A) The software which is used in writing ad copies,
B) Ways of creating ads within a period of 30mins,
C) The software which will help in tripling advertising returns,
D) The software helps in finding audiences that are hidden, among others
E) He claims to have used more than $100,000 to develop these tools and that they save a user a great deal as they begin to build their Clickbank empire.

• Third Component: Commission Hero Quiz Building Software

Purchasing the online course will come with software that converts clicks into money. A user is required to play and plug that software while using the developer templates. Through this, a user can instantaneously make landing pages and websites, which will push conversions to the user’s offers. Robby claims that this particular software is tested and proven. This software also gives Robby knowledge and experience for better-accelerated results.

• Fourth Component: The Million Dollar Vault offer

In this particular Component Robby goes ahead to explain how to access exclusive offers to make between $100 to $400 on each sale. This Component teaches users negotiation skills which will lead to high–converting offers which will, in turn, lead to massive returns generation. This will also solidify a user Clickbank empire.

• Fifth Component: Traffic lead cash Machine

In this Component, the developer shares the secrets that he uses to drive campaigns that are profitable to a user offers. This is important for any marketing campaign done digitally. It features a procedural blueprint that will deliver more sales daily even though a person had failed before. He gives the strategies for acquiring dirt –very cheap clicks from the anxiously waiting people to buy that product being promoted by the affiliate. He also gives his method of scaling up a business much faster.

• Sixth Component: Thorough Scale

This Component provides lessons of Going from spending nothing to thousands daily profitably in less than 30 days. This is through paying for ad traffic; an affiliate marketer can push their targeted traffic to their offers. This Component will explain how this will function, how to scale and get paid traffic which will aid in building the Clickbank empire.

• Seventh Component: The Commission Hero community

A signed-up learner of this course will also be given access to the Program’s online support community. This community is made of like-minded people who also are signed in into the Program. Roby and his team are also part of it, and they will provide 24/7 support and customer services which will help drive the affiliate marketer to success.

According to the developer, this training will assist an affiliate marketer in turning into an online pro. If a person has failed in Clickbank marketing before, making little money below your expectation and want to make more this Program will be suitable for you.

What is Commission Hero Pricing?

The Program is priced at $2497 in total or three payments, priced at $997. Here is how it is broken down:
• One payment of $2497 or
• Three costs, each worth $997, will be billed within 30 days in parts.

CH Refund Policy

This Program provides a thirty-day refund policy on their Program. He claims that if an affiliate marketer does not see desirable results within the 30 days of enrolling in his training, he will give back your money.
If the Program makes a user unhappy for any reason within 30 days, then an affiliate marketer is free to request, and no queries will be asked.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

He is the best affiliate marketer globally; he came into fame through Clickbank. In an affiliate marketing contest, he emerged first by generating the most sales using Clickbank. His career didn’t start with the digital marketing system; before the fame, he was just an ordinary man who owned a Crossfit gym in 2014. It turned to be a great success when he shifted his attention to online marketing, where he advocated for his fitness business. He started noticing the power that paid Facebook ads had and even wrote a book, “How to make $1K a Day”; in this book, he taught people how to earn $1000 daily.

He is verified on Instagram and boasts more than 300,000 followers; he has been in magazines like the Entrepreneur Magazine, The Fox and the Wall Street Journal. Currently, he sells a variety of products using his Commission Hero brand, like live events, products and other services. There is a lot more about this great affiliate marketer, but this is better heard directly from his official website.

Will I earn Commission from Commission Hero?

Commission Hero has no affiliate marketing program that pays a marketer directly when they recommend others successfully. Income does not come now from them; instead, it teaches affiliate marketers how they will find services or products through affiliate networks like Max Web, Clickbank, and A4D: When a marketer promotes and sells products from either when they will earn Commission.

Conclusively, to learn more about Commission Hero, visit their website. This Program is purely for training, and no commission can be generated from it. So, before a beginner decides to invest in this course, they should be aware of that fact. According to various testimonials from the Commission Hero students and other users, the knowledge offered here is worth investing in.


What is Perpetual Income 365?

YouTube video

Is Perpetual Income 365 the Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners? Let’s find out!

First things first, let’s understand what Perpetual Income 365 is and how it works. This Program was developed by Shawn Josiah, a developer who at one time worked for Netflix. Perpetual Income 365 is made for those who do not have the know-how or time to go through the whole mind-numbing process to make money online. The affiliate marketing program is designed to take care of the complicated and fundamental details and still provide their clients with periodic Income. The Program does all the tedious work, and the client reaps maximum benefits. The marketing package is designed with simplicity and a step by step guide which has the following components:

• 2 squeeze pages of clients choice which are ready-made
• Web hosting technique for two pages
• an email designed for follow-up after 31 days
• A guide to creating solo traffic
• How does Perpetual Income 365 work?

Once a person opts to use Perpetual income 365, they will get two pre-designed squeeze pages, a hosting web system for these two pages, detailed instructions for performing solo adverts traffic, and a follow –up email sequence after every 31 days.
These 2 squeeze pages received are websites that possess URLs; visitors that website can use the URL to sign up. After signing up, a person receives the Perpetual 365 email address, which can be used for the new signee email campaign. When a visitor clicks on the URL, they are automatically redirected to the Revenue Generation page, and there they will be allowed to buy PI365. If the visitor decides to use their money, the person who had signed up will get a 50% commission.

Web hosting is very important as this is what will enable the squeeze pages to be online. Web hosting is simply a space on a particular server that is made available to a site. The follow-up email sequence will be sent for 31 days, and this email campaign belongs to the individual whose site redirected you like the new signee to the program.

The Solo advertisement Traffic detailed instructions are necessary to enable you, like the new signee, to bring traffic to your site. The Commission is only earned when people visit your website and decides to sign-up and invest; this can be impossible without proper advertising. That is why Solo advertisement traffic is crucial.

Who is the Perpetual Income 365 designed for?

On the start page of this Program, the inventor Shawn Josiah has a group of people he targets. These are:
• Those who hate and are tired of their jobs
• The people are feeling trapped in the “hamster wheel.”
• Those people who are afraid of the next recession and want to get extra money for those bad times
• Those who lack job security

According to the inventor, this Program is aimed at everyone who feels like they would like to have a second income online.
To get started, a person should have a laptop or computer, a tablet and smartphone can also be used in certain circumstances, internet accessibility, the urge to learn something new and the willingness and motivation to use their free time.
They make it clear that no technical knowledge is required; thus, this Program is suitable even for people who do not have any affiliate marketing knowledge. They can be able to get some income from PI365; this is according to the developer.

How to get started on Perpetual Income 365

The perpetual Income works in these steps. To get started, this is where to start from

The PI365 Members Area

There are some essential items in the program member area; therefore, a beginner selects the provided offers carefully and wisely. For instance, there are many upsells that are not necessary initially; a beginner can operate well without them.
The good thing with their member area is that it is straightforward to use and easy to comprehend; anyone can be able to use it without putting in much effort and experience.

PI365 also keeps their member user friendly; it has a few welcome videos which a beginner can follow for a step-by-step guide.
The account worth $47, which will assist a beginner in getting some landing pages; there are five more pages that are accessible with this upsell. There also will be pre-written emails which amount to 30, which are to be sent for the next thirty days, each daily.
The member area also provides users with a choice to purchase solo emails. There are different plans for those emails, say for $80, a user is likely to get 100 clicks, and $120 will give 200 clicks. If your intention is purchasing email clicks from the program member area, ensure it is from providers who have a well-built list. This is important for beginners as it will help them to get traffic into their landing page quickly.

The member area also lets the beginners and all users link with the Clickbank account; this will eventually allow beginners to promote the Clickbank products. For beginners who are not aware of buying solo ads, Shawn offers training videos on the procedure of buying solo ads.

Benefits of using Perpetual Income 365

A lot of beginners will wonder why they should choose PI365 and no other affiliate marketing programs. Here are some benefits that make it suitable for beginners and users in general.

• This program email marketing system is automated; it automatically sends traffic to user squeeze pages, leading to potential sales.
• The Program is simple to use, and beginners do not need to be experts to begin affiliate marketing using emails
• This affiliate marketing site has clear guidelines provided in their member areas which can be followed with ease.
• They have a team that is ready to help users when there is a need.
• It doesn’t need many working hours to set up a recurring income stream; one hour a day is enough.
• This is a good income generation stream as the average daily Income can be $433.
• In case you are a beginner and unsure whether to invest in this Program, they have you in mind as they have a 14 day trial period that goes for $9; if not satisfied with their services, the subscription can be canceled anytime and money refunded. Where to purchase PI365?

PI365 is made available for purchase from their official website only. This is the only legit purchase, and it will come with the features mentioned above.

What are the pros and cons of PI365?

• You can operate this Program yourself; thus, there is no need to spend money on designers or copywriters.
• There is no additional hosting required as it comes with free hosting accounts to all the landing page
• It has very competitive converting emails
• The Program costs $47 per month, which is much affordable than hiring professionals.
• The email list created with each sign-up forever remain on your account; this can be used on other marketing places
• It is affordable compared to other competitors offering the same services.
• The Program gives a 60days warranty if unsure of getting your money back from Clickbank
• Has a Facebook support group
• It has very great potential where the right products are chosen
• It does not require previous affiliate marketing knowledge.

• The cost can be a bit confusing at the beginning
• Generation of Income from this site is mainly dependent on the discipline and amount of work put in place
• It is a must to use using the perspective of the GetResponse technique.
• At the moment, only one product can be traded
• A subscription is mandatory to get the response for automation.

From many reviews from affiliate marketers who use Perpetual Income 365, the Program is legit and is worth investing in. For any beginner to make money on this Program they have to put in some hard work, which solely depends on a person. It is also very affordable based on the amount used versus the returns that both novice and experts can get from it.

We have looked at two of the best affiliate marketing programs, through each deal with different ideologies, but all are focused on helping an affiliate marketer, especially a beginner. While Commission Hero is a course for affiliate marketing, Perpetual Income 365 is an income-generating Program. So, before taking a step and investing in any, it is imperative to know what you would like to achieve from each.

Need cash fast help

Many people need cash fast help because they are in a hurry for car repairs, medical expenses or other emergencies. At any time, you could find yourself with an expense that exceeds your savings. This Finance Success Revealed guide will show you how you can get cash fast to meet your needs.

How can I get emergency money fast?

If you miss a few mortgage payments because you’ve fallen on hard times, you could find yourself facing foreclosure. Similarly, you might need cash in a hurry to pay off your landlord after you’ve missed a few rent payments.

There are several ways to get money fast in an emergency. These include:

  1. Sell expensive items that you own
  2. Have a yard sale
  3. Find money you’ve forgotten 
  4. Sell fruits from your trees
  5. Go on a fundraising run
  6. Donate your plasma
  7. Exchange you drink bottles for cash
  8. Sell your textbooks
  9. Sell your clothes

Sell Expensive Items That You Own

If your furniture is completely yours and you also own a washer, dryer and other appliances, you can sell these for quick cash in an emergency. You can wash your clothes by hand if you need to and you can use the money from the sale to help get back on your feet.

There are many other expensive items in your home, that you can exchange for cash. Art can give you a tidy profit if you can find the right buyer quickly. You can even sell your gym equipment and get cash for your video games by listing them on eBay.

You may own jewelry that you can sell quickly but you should always look for the best deal on these items. Pawn brokers, jewelers and diamond dealers will all offer different prices for the same item of jewelry because they have different goals.

You Need Cash Fast Help? Start With A Yard Sale

Most people have at least one item in their home that they no longer use. This could be a toaster, a hair dryer or even an iron. if you need money in 24 hours or less, consider having a yard sale. All of the items that are currently gathering dust can be cleaned up and displayed attractively in your front yard.

Place big, bright signs in your area to direct other members of your community to the bargains that you have available. A little music can help to create a cheerful vibe that encourages people to spend but make sure it’s not too loud, so you don’t disturb your neighbors.

Most yard sakes can quickly generate a couple hundred dollars, so start looking around your home for things that you can sell. Your friends may also have items that they’ll give you for free, just to make space in their home for items that they need.

Find Money that You’ve Forgotten

Most people have a little extra cash that they don’t pay attention to, stuck between the cushions of their sofa or under their car seat. When you need cash in an emergency, you’ll need to search all the locations where you spend time and gather all the coins and notes that you find. 

You may have coins in the lint bin near your washing machine. Quite a bit of money may be in your dresser drawers, in the pockets of aprons or in the handbags that you only carry with you on occasion. Also think of other places where you may have a habit of hiding cash from yourself, such as in between the pages of books or under a vase.

Sell Fruits from your Trees – literally

If you have a mango, apple or peach tree in your backyard, you may often be blessed with more fruits than you can comfortably eat on your own. Instead of giving some away like you may often do, consider setting up a fruit stand in your community, if that’s allowed. 

You might be able to generate the cash you need by selling fruits from your trees. Other people in your community may also have an abundance of lemons, kiwi and many other fruits. Collect their extra produce and sell them, while offering to split the profits with them. 

You can sell fruits to the person who runs the break room at a local business. If there are private schools in your area, they may also be willing to add fruits to the menu for a time. You could also call churches or mosques that run feeding programs and offer to sell them fruits at affordable prices.

If you live in a rural area, a roadside produce stand is easy to set up. Always place your stand on a road that’s fairly busy and make sure you’re out early enough to catch people as they’re driving to work. However you should not be located on a highway because then, drivers will be going too fast to stop.

The spot that you want for your stand may belong to someone else, so you’ll need to arrange payment with them. Since you don’t have cash upfront, offer to pay them a percentage of whatever you sell. If necessary, contact zoning and licensing authorities in your area about permits.

Go On A Fundraising Run

If you need cash for an emergency that you think your family and friends will support, go on a fundraising run to raise the money. People have been using walkathons and similar ventures to raise money for a long time.

Think of an activity that you can do and let your loved ones know that you’re enlisting their support. You could challenge yourself to swim a specific distance, do a particular number of sit ups or even walk 20 laps around your local park.

Donate Your Plasma Today

When you donate your plasma, you’ll be helping several other people. Plasma is used for medical research and treatments. For example, a researcher has been looking at ways to help people with COVID-19 by giving them plasma from someone who has already survived the illness. 

While plasma is essential for the advancement of medicine, like whole blood, it’s in short supply. You can get between $15 and $40 for a single donation of your plasma. You’ll be paid according to your body weight and will receive your payment on the same day that you give.

Exchange your Drink Bottles for Cash

Every beverage bottle that you have in your home is worth money. Some people save these bottles and exchange them at Christmas, in order to buy beverages for family celebrations. However, even if you haven’t been saving them intentionally, you may still have several bottles around your home.

Now is the time to collect them and trade them for cash. You can also do the same with some types of plastic bottles, since many recycling facilities will purchase these from you by weight. Recycling is not the only way to make money from your beer bottles and if you’re creative, you can turn your bottles into art.

You can make salt and pepper shakers and even herb planters from your beer bottles. Sell them on eBay to get money now and build a steady stream of income. You can also sell them at a trade fair in your area. If you don’t have the cash to pay for a spot, ask another vendor to display them for you and give them a commission.

Sell Your Textbooks

You might have several textbooks at home that would be helpful to a student in college or at any other level. Most colleges have noticeboards where you can advertise books for sale. You usually won’t find it difficult to sell your used books, especially if they’re priced to meet the needs of college students. 

You can also sell used books on sites like Amazon, BookScouter and Half Price Books. Don’t expect to get the same price that you paid. However, you might be able to get enough cash to help you out of a jam. You could also go directly to students that you know and offer to sell your books to them.

Sell your Clothes

Selling your clothes is easier than it seems. If you have a few extra suits for work that are still in good condition, you can sell them online to get cash fast. When you’re back on your feet, you can always replace what you’ve lost.

Plato’s Closet is just one of the stores that purchases used clothes, so you can find a store near to you. Ask a friend to drop you off and you could go back home with enough money to deal with your emergency. The ASOS Marketplace, Etsy and eBay are also good places to sell your used clothing.

How do you get cash right this second?

Selling your future labor is one of the best ways to get cash immediately. You could contact friends and even local business places and offer a service to them at a low price. The catch is that they would have to pay you upfront.

For example, if you know that businesses in your area normally budget $2000 for exterior painting, you could offer to do the job at a discount of 30%. Create a legally binding contract, where you complete the job over the next few days or weeks but receive payment upfront.

You can offer a similar deal to your friends and coworkers. If a coworker usually has someone else trim their hedges for a fee, offer to do it for them at a lower price, if they’ll pay you upfront. Selling your future labor in this way can help you to reach your financial objective.

What should I do if I need money urgently?

If you need money urgently, you may be able to get the funds that you need by finding work online. Many sites nowadays can help to connect you with other people who need help with moving, assembling furniture, or doing other tasks that don’t require specialized experience. One of the popular options is Task Robot. You’ll usually be paid within 48 hours.

You can also find jobs online that don’t require you to physically meet anyone, so you don’t have to find money for gas or train fare. Online options are also a good way to get money quickly if you’re a single parent who can’t afford a babysitter right now or if you have a chronic condition that makes it difficult to do some other jobs. 

Crowdsourcing marketplaces like Amazon Mechanical Turk allow you to earn a little cash quickly. Some pay immediately while others take a few days The tasks on these sites are simple and each one only takes minutes, so you can do them in your spare time. 

If you qualify, you may also consider getting a quick cash advance from your bank. Some have a special personal loan available which gives you access to cash within two hours. However, there’s a low limit placed on the amount of funds that you can borrow in this way.

Where can I borrow money ASAP?

If you need to borrow money ASAP, family and friends are your best option. They will be able to loan you the funds that you need without you having to wait weeks to get a loan processed via a financial institution. if you have a medical need and don’t have enough cash to cover it or you want to address another emergency that is time-dependent, this is your best alternative.

Friends and family usually lend money without asking for interest on their funds and this makes it easier for you to pay it back on time. In addition, the loan processing fees that are attached to loans made through a financial institution such as a credit union or bank won’t be included.

Ensure that you have a solid plan for paying them back, so they they can get their funds on time. If you don’t have a plan in place, don’t ask them because it can create a rift between you and them. You also should avoid asking your friends or family for money if they are facing hard times themselves.. 

Tips On Investing in Crypto

The best tips on investing in crypto from some of the experts here at Finance Success Revealed. What is crypto? Why Bitcoin? We cover that and more! Let’s jump into it.

Many people nowadays are interested in learning how to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This increase in interest is due to the success that these cryptocurrencies have experienced since they were first created. When it came on the market in 2009, Bitcoin was thought to be a fad or just an interesting phenomenon but now, even central banks are investing in it. This article will explain how you can invest in one of the many different altcoins that are available today.

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What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies which don’t use a centralized authority. All of the transactions that take place are verified via cryptography through a decentralized system, which is known as the blockchain. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin (BTC), which was was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoins have to be mined and it uses what is know as a Proof pf Work system.

Ethereum is another popular type of cryptocurrency, which went live in 2015. Ethereum, or ETH, currently uses Proof of Work like Bitcoin. However, it’s looking to change to Proof Of Stake in order to conserve computing resources. This may cause the value of ETH to rise.

Many people want to invest in cryptocurrencies but there are several factors that hold them back. For example, most people don’t really understand how cryptocurrencies work. They’re accustomed to fiat currencies and even though they understand the value of fiat currencies can be readily adjusted by governments, they’re not sure how altcoins are different.

Just as all fiat currencies have not always been a good store of value, all cryptocurrencies are not a good store of value. Hundreds have come and gone over the years, yet many, like Bitcoin, have grown in value over time. This is why many investors, governments and traders are seeing Bitcoin as a global currency that may eventually replace the Euro and US dollar.

What is the blockchain?

The blockchain can be thought of as a set of digital ledgers. When a transaction is being added to the blockchain, it has to be verified at several different points or nodes. This makes it difficult or near impossible for a false transaction to be added to the digital ledger.

The blockchain is completely independent of central banks, so if war breaks out, no one can edit transactions in order to suit a particular party. The blockchain allows buyers and sellers to conduct transactions directly, so the middleman is eliminated and the fees that would be charged by middlemen are also eliminated.

You can use Bitcoin and other altcoins anonymously. All forms of cryptocurrency are also subject to sudden increases in price, which make them feel like other other investments. Since banks aren’t required for cryptocurrency transactions, you can’t usually go to them to purchase Bitcoins. However, there are many established exchanges where you can purchase your preferred cryptocurrency.

Why is Bitcoin so interesting to investors?

Investors and governments around the world have been looking for alternative stores of value for a long time. Many don’t want to put all of their confidence in the Euro or US dollar because these currencies are vulnerable to political decisions.

Nowadays, more people are also looking for investments that support their digital lifestyle. Many people hardly use paper to conduct transactions and do most of their banking, bill payments and other financial transactions via electronic transfers. Bitcoin fits perfectly into this lifestyle, allowing individuals to make purchases from countries overseas by using funds from their Bitcoin wallet.

In several cases, you don’t need to exchange Bitcoin for a fiat currency n order to do a transaction. So, if you live in Pakistan and want to purchase a product in the UK, you can use BTC and never lose money due to the spread. At the same time, if you wish, you can trade BTC for another cryptocurrency or fiat currency by using a digital currency exchange, like Binance.

There’s a lot o trading activity that takes place every day and all of this has made Bitcoin interesting to speculators. They’re betting that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise exponentially, giving them the same mind-blowing returns that the Winklevoss twins and other early investors have enjoyed.

While this article discusses factors that you should consider when investing in cryptocurrency, it is by no means an endorsement of any one. Like any investment that you might make, cryptocurrencies are subject to changes in the market. Bitcoin has undergone fluctuations over time. Exercise due diligence and don’t just follow speculators because they rarely pay attention to fundamentals.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, it is possible that several of them will continue to rise in value over the years. Ensure that whatever you decide to invest, is money that you can put aside for a long time and we hope that this information helps you to make the best choices.

Only Use A Small Portion of Your Portfolio for Cryptocurrencies

The money that you invest in cryptocurrency should be part of your overall investment portfolio. It should be money that you have already decided to set aside for investment. You should never, under any circumstances, put money into Bitcoin or Ethereum because you hope to make 30% on it by the end of the month and pay off your loans.

If you have money set aside for car loans or other debts, make sure you pay those debts with the money you have designated for them. Do not use that money on a risky investment like cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market does offer great profits on your investment but you cannot predict how the market will behave.

There are several companies out there that claim you can get 2% every day or even more, by trading cryptocurrency by using different means, such as bots. Do not place money that you need for your bills in any of these options. A lot of things can happen that can potentially disrupt the market.

In the real world, markets are connected and a pandemic, political upheaval in a country and other unexpected changes can affect your plans. While cryptocurrencies always recover and rise again, you cannot accurately estimate when this will happen. If your money is locked in cryptocurrency during a slump, you won’t be able to access its real value to pay your bills.

Cryptocurrency Should Be Part of A Diverse Strategy

Cryptocurrency should never be your only investment. It should be part of a diverse investment strategy, whether you are 18 or 81. If you have spoken to an investment advisor, you probably know what your risk profile is like.

Each investor’s risk profile comes with recommendations on the percentage of their funds that they should place in investment options that are considered to be high risk. The money that you place in Bitcoin should be a part of the money that you’ve set aside for high risk alternatives.

For most people, it is recommended that only 5% of your investment portfolio should go into cryptocurrency. That means if you have $1,000 to invest after your living expenses are taken care of, only $50 should go into Bitcoin. While that may seem like a small sum, you’ll stand a real chance of tripling that money in just a few years. On the other hand, if the Bitcoin or Ethereum market experiences a slump, you’ll only watch as 5% of your money drops in value.

Cryptocurrencies were not Intended to Be Investments

Cryptocurrencies are fairly safe but for the most part, they were not designed to act as investments. They are primarily a means of exchange. There’s only a limited amount of Bitcoin available and demand for it is increasing. As demand increases and supply decreases, the price of Bitcoin must rise. 

That makes the investment an interesting option for people who want to make a profit over the long term. Even countries like the United States, Switzerland, Japan and South Korea have decided to hold part of their funds in Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is not usually recommended as a short-term investment because it fluctuates too rapidly. Just like stocks, you should invest in cryptocurrency expecting to see a return after several years, not a few weeks or months. Always remember that the value of cryptocurrency is determined by the market, not by manipulation, as is the case with sovereign currencies.

Best Tips On Investing in Crypto: Always Do Your Research

Some people say that the best time to invest in cryptocurrency is now, while others recommend waiting until the market hits a slump. They say that because they are of the option that during a slump you can get crypto at a lower price and make a bigger profit when the price goes up. Don’t make your own buying decisions based on what other people say, even if they currently have a little more experience in the market than you.

Do your own research and reading. Learn how to analyze the behavior of cryptocurrency by using all the information that’s provided via the stock-to-flow graphs for Bitcoin. Study the long-term Bitcoin charts so that you can become familiar with the four-year cycle that it goes through. Try to understand why it goes through this cycle, so that if factors arise that cause changes in the behavior of other investors, you can adjust accordingly.

You have to be mentally prepared to wait through to the end of each four-year cycle. The main aim of Phase 4 is to eclipse the resistance that previously existed and prompted a Bear market. You have to be prepared to stay on a steady course when during Phase 4, big players with big money, like Tesla, announce that they’re buying a large quantity of Bitcoin. News of the sudden purchase of billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin can affect its price and the value of your own investment, so you must be mentally tough if you want to benefit from an investment in cryptocurrency.

Select your Cryptocurrency Wisely

Some cryptocurrencies have performed better over time than others on the market, so you should always evaluate a cryptocurrency based on its history and its potential for real growth, before you buy any of it. 

Several cryptocurrencies have come on the market and gradually faded away. Always be aware that if you invest in a crypto that’s started by your favorite brand, it could potentially grow or go down to zero.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the most reliable cryptocurrencies today. They can be invested in without too much worry that you will see all of your money disappear overnight. However, you should still proceed with caution even with these.

Choose A Reliable Platform for Your Purchases

There are several reliable platforms which have been serving traders for many years and these make it easy to buy the type of crypto that you’re interested in. Robinhood, Binance, eToro and Coinbase are all well known among traders. if you trade forex or stocks, you may already use these platforms to purchase instruments, so you know that their fees are affordable and they keep your information secure.

Gemini and Unifimoney also allow you to keep many of your activities in one place, even making it easy to do your regular banking transactions with your funds. You can trade and store all of the most popular cryptocurrencies with these platforms and eliminate the need to have separate apps for banking, crypto, Forex, options, futures and other investments.

Store and secure your Crypto

Many people store their crypto in secure hot or cold wallet, which is basically a software program that lets you keep track of the amount of crypto you own. You can keep all of your crypto in this wallet, regardless of the type that you have.

For example if you have recently traded a fiat currency for ETH and Bitcoin, you can easily use your wallet to monitor how much of each you own. All of your transactions on the blockchain are recorded in your wallet and this information is stored on the cloud can easily be accessed via a mobile app. 

Most platforms that offer wallets, like Coinbase, already use encryption to protect your data. However, if you want additional security you can use a VPN such as NordVPN, to ensure that all of your online transactions are encrypted and no one can see any of the details.

1 Best Way To A Fat Bank Account

Would you love a fat bank account? It’s always easy to assess the best way to handle a situation after the situation has passed and you can calmly think of your options. Everybody would love to make money online from the comfort of their homes but everybody is going to make a mistake as they try to make money online.

Nobody learns any type of skill without making mistakes, it’s unavoidable. The only way you don’t make mistakes is if you don’t learn anything new.

I made plenty of mistakes growing up and if I knew then what I know now, most of those mistakes could have been avoided. The best we can do is make the mistakes we make, learn from them and try to do better next time we end up in a similar situation.

Educate Yourself From the Experience of Others When Building a Fat Bank Account

If you want to be successful then you have to learn from the people who have already achieved the success you want. There is a lot of information online and one problem that presents is confusion when you are trying to find information on achieving the success you want.

That’s the truth when it comes to making money online. If you have the correct knowledge then you can build an online business that will bring in money.

One very important thing is Google’s rankings. You can improve yourself in Google’s rankings or you can leave it up to Google. The latter is the worse choice you can make.

Businesses care about making money and Google is no different. Google will only give you a good ranking if you getting a higher ranking will result in money for Google.

Don’t Depend On Google For a Fat Bank Account

Most people might not know that Google will give a free blog to anyone that wants one., While this could help you, it should not be how you plan to make money online and create your fat bank account.

No one has achieved success with a free blog from Google. It’s recommended that you wait until you have an item that many people want before you pay companies to advertise your business.

If you don’t want a specific item, are you going to purchase it if you see enough advertising for it? Neither will most people. So your first concern should be having an item for sale that will get a lot of attention from different people because a lot of people want that item later. Advertising should not be the first thing you concern yourself with.

Count on Repeat Customers

When people come and purchase an item, you want to make a profit from that sale. However, the way you make the most profit is if that customer becomes a repeat customer who will keep purchasing from you.

When you are getting sales from customers who would have purchased from you anyway, you can spend that money towards promotion because you will keep getting sales from the repeat customers if they are happy with your prices and how you do business.

When you do eventually pay to have your items promoted, make sure it’s a product that many people want because you do not get a refund if your item stays for sale even after promoting and this is not the way to a fat bank account.

Promoting Items Does Not Guarantee Sales of Those Items

When it comes time to promote what you have for sale, a tip about advertising is to start with a little. If you only spend a little bit on advertising and the advertising is unsuccessful then it’s a lesson to modify your strategy.

When you promote your items and you find a method that works, then increase the amount of money you are spending to promoting those same types of products.

What Happens Is Up To You

Everyone would want their own business to run, generate money so the only boss you answer to is yourself. A lot of people would love to be in that position but do not want to take the risk in case they fail.

Besides risk, another reason that people don’t try it because they aren’t motivated enough to do so. If you own a business, you have to keep an eye on that business and you have to be motivated enough to pay attention to your business. If something else comes along and keeps your attention then that is when businesses perform at their worst.

What Money Generating Actions Would Be Beneficial To You

You have to keep in mind that when you work at a business you own, you give up a guarantee. When you work for someone else, you agree to be paid regardless of how well or poor business is. Now you only make money if your business is doing well.

What do you do now that you only make money if you’re getting sales? Anything that is not beneficial to your business you don’t spend time on. The thing you should concentrate on is bringing money into your business to create your fat bank account.

Pay Attention To A Single Task One At A Time

When it comes to things that draw your attention, more of them exist online than anywhere else. These could include silly videos, Facebook notifications, messages on Twitter just to name a few.

Most people make lists on everything they want to achieve that day. Those people then won’t spend time on Social Media sites or YouTube unless it’s beneficial to their business. People only socialize on other websites when they finish everything they wanted to get done.

Operating an Online Business Is Difficult

If you think starting an online business is going to make you a lot of money very quickly with little to no effort then stop. You will have to dedicate yourself to your business and work at it every day. People who are not aware of this learn this lesson the hard way down the road.

If you anticipate a favorable outcome to happen very quickly and it doesn’t happen, then you will start thinking that your business won’t work. You have to know that when businesses prosper, it never happens overnight. You will have to keep on trying and never get discouraged regardless of how bad things get.

Things Don’t Get Easier

The beginning of a new business is going to bring in hard times. An outcome that you would like will not happen as fast as you want it to happen. It’s going to be hard to stick in there and not give in to the voice telling you to quit and make things easier on yourself.

If you feel the pressure is becoming too much, take a break. Identify the problems and try to think of a way to fix those problems.

The most important thing to learn is you will make mistakes but you have to learn from them if you want to turn things around. The sky’s the limit may sound like a phrase that is overused but it’s true. The only person that determines whether a business succeeds or fails is you.

Becoming A Micro Influencer

You can think of a micro influencer as a small-scale social media influencer. Most people do not even try to become micro influencers. Your everyday account could be enough to be an influencer. As long as you have a few thousand followers on one of the main social media sites such as instagram, then you are off to a good start and could potentially make money.

There are many people who use their social media accounts to make money. If you have a large following on one of the sites, then you can potentially make income from becoming a micro influencer.

Become a Micro Influencer: Mainstream

The most popular way for becoming a micro influencer is through instagram. Instagram has millions and millions of users who post pictures or videos daily. There are many companies that hire people with lots of followers to post their items onto their account with certain hashtags so that more people can see what they’re promoting and possibly buy it.

Influencer for audiences and brands

The company pays these micro influencers to promote the item in order for them to gain more popularity on Instagram which indirectly helps the company sell its products or services more easily. This process is called sponsorships .

Not all micro influencers get paid too

If your following isn’t big enough, then the company might not choose you to advertise their item or service. That’s why micro influencers are more popular now because it takes less effort and skill than becoming a full-blown social media influencer or even becoming an actual celebrity.

How do you become a micro influencer?

Choosing your niche

Nobody is going to pay you to push their products unless you give them a way to reach their target market. This means that you need to have a niche. A type of content that is published on your social media accounts. You need to show that you are knowledgeable. The best part is that you don’t actually need thousands of followers if you have selected your niche well.

It could be a couple of hundred. As long as you have built up a network of targeted followers, companies will be willing to pay you to share your influence among your group.

The simplicity of micro influencers vs celebrity

Reaching micro influencer level is actually easier than becoming an actual celebrity. You really just need one of the main social media platforms like instagram, facebook, or twitter and have some followers on there already will take you far as becoming any kind of micro influencer. You should maybe start out by posting photos that are related to what you think people want to see and engage with online such as selfies, pictures of your pets, funny videos or photos.

Create engagement through posts before trying to achieve millions of followers

These are the most popular things on any site such as facebook or instagram. Do you have a hobby that’s related to becoming an influencer? If so then try to post content that will attract others like you into liking what you’re doing and becoming a fan of what you do.

There are no real ‘tips’ for the selection of niche here. As long as you choose a niche that you understand and are passionate about, you will be well on your way to making cash.

Plan Your Content (Instagram post etc.)

If you want to gain and keep followers, you need to have a content plan. You can’t post content ad-hoc. You need to conform to a specific schedule. You need to have rules about the type of content you will post. Your content also needs to encourage interaction. All of these processes will need to be shared with the brands you are working with. Make sure you write them down.

Your content needs to be engaging

For a standard influencer (aka deploying influencer marketing), the product is the actual person creating the content or posts. That isn’t the case if you are a micro influencer. Your content is the product. It needs to be entertaining. It needs to be something that people want to read. Micro influencers often fall short and can disappoint brands and even their own audiences if the posts, video, or creative don’t match or produce engagement.

True Influencer Marketing

In order to build up your initial following, you should put a lot of effort into crafting informational articles. Don’t have any promotion. Just look to educate people. Once you have built up the following, that is when you can start to incorporate a bit of promotion into your content. Remember; you can’t become authoritative if it looks like you are ‘overselling’ products.

Be Professional While Influencer Marketing!

Your social media account is your brand here. Be professional. This isn’t us saying that you can’t go out there and create ‘fun’ posts. Do that if your followers are asking for that. What we are saying is that everything you need to do should be done in a professional manner.

Don’t get into abusing your followers or sharing less-than-savory viewpoints. Many people have killed their micro influencer status by not being able to stay calm during online interactions.

Our Thoughts

As long as you cultivate a following by being knowledgeable your niche, the brands will get in touch with you. This is going to be a slow process. It could take months. Even years. Influencer marketing is incredibly powerful (remember when Elon Musk tweeted about cryptocurrency this year?).

Become an influencer for yourself and major brands

As mentioned previously, being a micro influencer is easier than becoming an actual celebrity . When achieving a micro influencer status , it’s more about quality instead of quantity too. For example, if you have 10k followers on instagram with mostly engagement rate and likes on each photo but they only last for like several hours or days even though people keep engaging with them nonstop , then the company won’t choose you as a micro influencer.

Companies want their items or service to be posted by someone who has more followers and likes that last for weeks and months rather than just several hours. This is what makes becoming an influencer easy but becoming an actual celebrity hard because it requires greater time, effort, skills, connections, experience , luck , etc.

Micro Influencers aren’t so micro

In today’s world of social media becoming an influencer is becoming easier than becoming an actual celebrity . The only thing that you need is the right tools like an instagram account with lots of followers already on there with pictures or videos related to whatever company you’re trying to promote.

Once you have this, then micro influencer status will be simple enough for anyone to do. The most important part of becoming any type of micro influencers is to engage with your audience and post content that they will relate to and want to share with others.

All of this boils down to becoming an influencer who is perceived as a trusted source. After becoming an expert in your field, you can create content for brands and help them market their products over social media.

Competition exists, but it’s not bad!

Naturally there are going to be some people who have more followers than others . That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You just have to work hard . To help with becoming a micro influencer , you can look at how other people became successful and used their ideas to create your own. Be creative too!

We really hope this helped anyone looking for becoming a micro influencer on social media!

Easiest Items To Resell For A Profit – 10x Profitability


Resell for a profit or flipping items to bring in money has become more popular in recent years. A lot more people do it to make money to support themselves instead of extra spending money.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, it’s best to try with items that have no cost but still can bring in a couple of dollars when you resell for a profit.

Those items that bring in a small amount of money are not difficult to find. What makes the difference The most important is to study what brings in the most money.

Below are 5 items that you should consider trying to re-sell if you want to get into re-selling.

Yard Sales/Garage Sale/Estate Sales To Resell For A Profit

When you go to a yard sale, garage sale and especially an estate sale, there are a lot of items you could re-sell and make a profit.

It’s very easy to make money whether it’s a locker at a storage auction, a thrift store, and book sales at universities.

What helps these items being able to flip is that people will use these items. Most people would rather purchase used if the item is in good condition and cost quite less then if they were purchasing that item in a brand new condition which will help you to resell for a profit.

If you’re not sure where garage sales will be happening, websites like Craigslist will have that information.

After you check out those sales, you could re-sell on Amazon, E-Bay or another online store of your choice.

Random Possessions To Sell For A Profit


Re-selling old furniture can bring in a lot of profit and you can earn even more profit if you can restore the furniture to its previous condition or create something that looks new.

If you can’t restore furniture then it will sell for a lot less then it was if it was restored.

Clothes and Shoes

If you have any clothes that are still in good condition then they could bring in a huge profit.

You could make a living reselling old clothes that haven’t been worn through. A lot of people may use websites like Poshmark if they are going to sell clothes but some people sell blazers and other clothing on E-Bay also.

If you try to re-sell clothing, it’s best to only buy items from a recognizable brand.

When people buy clothing, it’s because that clothing is from a brand they recognize and the difference between whether clothing sells or sits on the rack could be the brand.


These items will bring in profit and sell quickly. Most people who are getting rid of these items will sell them for almost any amount just to clear up space.

The only thing you have to concern yourself with is if the tool is working when you purchase it from someone who wants to get rid of it.

If you want a recommendation of where to buy tools to flip, then yard sales would be the best place to search for tools.


The best place to look for cheap T-shirts would be thrift stores. T-Shirts you can get at a great price and people will pay a lot of money for t-shirts.

If you sell T-shirts, you will want to get a lot of inventory because they will sell quickly.

You don’t want to risk losing out on sales because you ran out of inventory because you won’t be able to get those sales back.

E-Bay and Amazon are a couple of the most common websites that people use to flip products and make money.

One thing to keep a note of is that whatever you sell, you can legally sell. This is mentioned because some products are not allowed to be sold by resellers.

Just because the items listed above are usually easy to sell, it’s still important to find a market that you want to be a part of. and study the market.

If you have reservations about buying something with the intent to flip, it might be best to skip on trying to resell that item.

4 Steps To Monetizing Your Website The Right Way

If you want to make money online, things become a whole lot easier when you get yourself a website and start monetizing your website. It makes it easier to showcase your talents.

It makes it easier to show off any products that you have. It just looks more professional.

Nowadays, creating a website doesn’t require that much effort either. In fact, with the number of tools out there, you probably don’t need to have any experience when it comes to coding or design.

You can put together a quality website in mere hours doing nothing more than dragging and dropping elements into the position that you want.

Let us tell you how you start to make money from your website. Step by step.

Start Generating Ideas To Monetizing Your Website

Before you even so much as start playing about with a website builder you need to have an idea about what you want. Try to think of the answers to these questions:

  • What you are planning on selling.
  • Who you plan on selling it to
  • How you are going to get traffic to your website

Now, a few of these things will have ‘multiple answers’. Jot down as many ideas as you can.

In an ideal world, you will try to ensure that your target market is as narrow as possible (not small), because this will make it far easier for you to target your traffic generation methods.

It will also give you a bit of an idea about how you should be pricing your goods or services.

One of the other reasons why you need to know your target market is so that you can think about the design.

If you want to make money, then you need to get your branding right which is a key factor in monetizing your website. For example; if you are looking to sell children’s clothing, then the design will probably bit quite ‘upbeat’.

Maybe a dash of color here and there. If you are planning to sell legal services, then the look would need to be a bit more professional.

The Building Blocks of Your Website

You can’t build a website until you have two components:

You can think of the domain name as the ‘address’ of your website (e.g. www.google.com is a domain name) and the hosting is the actual house.

This is where all of your files are stored. While it can be tempting to go down the route of free hosting, there are a lot of restrictions in place.

Most of them will not even allow you to monetize your site.

Getting your website set-up

We are going to assume that you do not have any programming or design knowledge. So, you will want to build your site using WordPress.

Your web host should be able to provide you with instructions on how to install this on your domain.

Once you have WordPress installed, you can dive into the administration panel and have a look at some of the features.

There are plenty of templates that you can install in a click or two. Don’t forget to check out the recommended Plugins.

No matter what route you go down, you will need to have some content on your website. You will need to have it flowing in regularly too.

Most websites will post content a couple of times per week, but if you can do it daily it will be better.

The idea of the content is to boost your authority online and get more traffic to your website.

Starting to make money with your website

Now, it is time to make money from your website. If you have a product or service to sell, then you have pretty much already decided what you want on there.

If you have nothing to sell, but want to share your knowledge, then you may want to look at some of these techniques to monetizing your website:

  • Affiliate marketing: recommended products or services and collect a commission on sales that you make.
  • Sell advertising space
  • Have a paid membership on your site. Lock some quality content. Maybe a course behind that paywall.
  • Collect leads and sell them onto businesses
  • Start email marketing

Many sites will utilize a combination of these methods. Once traffic to your site starts to roll in, then you may also want to consider the idea of building your own digital products to sell.

Just make sure that you produce quality content and get regular traffic, and it should be fairly easy to start making money online.

Our Summary

With more people being connected to the internet than ever before, it is a great time to start up a website and then monetizing your website.


The number of websites out there is growing by the day, but if you can produce quality content and carve yourself out a decent niche, you can make money.

It won’t be a quick process, but if you do put in the effort, the money is there.

5 Reddit Marketing Tips You Really Shouldn’t Ignore

Reddit Marketing Tips – With 50,000 communities and over 8 billion unique views per month, and content published by users from all over the world Reddit is one of the biggest sites on the net right now.

Its sheer size makes Reddit ripe ground for marketing, but it’s the way in which it operates that really makes it stand out.

With a userbase that is simultaneously diverse and niche, Reddit is the perfect place to undertake online marketing.

After all, when something hits the front page of Reddit it’s chances of tapping into a huge audience increase exponentially.

Depending on what it is you are marketing, you could catch the interest of 100,000 to 1 billion people!

So, with that in mind, here are some Reddit marketing tips that you really shouldn’t ignore.

Be Consistent With Reddit Marketing

If you want to establish a reputation and profile that give you some authority you should try to stick to your niche as much as possible.

Engage with threads relevant to your interests and your marketing strategy, and post content that is original and useful to other users.

By adding value to relevant subreddits you will establish yourself as someone to be taken seriously.

Stay Active With Reddit Marketing

Many users will check your profile, and your submission history before they comment or vote on your content.

This means that it pays to stay active in the community. While you should make sure that you make high-quality submissions regularly, you should also engage with other users by commenting and voting yourself.

Have Patience

While this may seem like unusual marketing advice, you should actually avoid active marketing at first.

If you begin marketing your website or products before you have a reputation to lean on you run the risk of hurting your cause.

Instead, focus on offering value before you start to push your products.

Practice the Art of Conversation

Don’t just vote and comment on relevant content, try to start a conversation with other users. By actively conversing with other active members in the subreddit you will start to build a strong network.

This is key because so much of Reddit marketing hinges on whether other users trust you.

So be open and flexible in your conversations; show off what you know, but don’t be afraid to defer to those who know more than you.

Start an ‘AMA’

Once you have built a reputation you can begin your marketing campaign. Once you have started to see some interest in your submissions, you should consider organizing an ‘ask me anything’.

This will give your audience a chance to ask any questions they may have. This presents a key opportunity to show off just how much you know and cement your reputation.

Reddit Marketing; The Low-Down

As useful and effective as Reddit marketing can be, it’s not for everyone. To be successful you need to have the right strategy, time to devote to it, and no small measure of patience.

If you do it right you will notice a definite upward trend in your site traffic and an expansion in your audience base.

However, with the need to focus on adding value before you begin promotion this is ethical marketing at it’s finest!

How To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer Online

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and the rewards are high if you know what you’re doing.

There are many ways of doing this but Amazon is one of the most popular channels. This is because they have an abundance of customers, minimal up-front costs and a hassle-free approval process.

If all this sounds promising, keep reading to find out how to get started as an affiliate marketer.

Pick a Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Think about your interests and hobbies. What do you do in your free time? What kind of books do you read?

Maybe you’re into golf.

Perhaps you enjoy meditation and yoga. Whatever your passions, there will be others with similar interests out there.

It’s important to choose something you love because it’s easier to be productive when you actually like what you’re doing as an affiliate marketer.

Make a Website For Affiliate Marketing

Every affiliate marketer needs a website to create an online presence. Don’t worry if you haven’t built a website before.

You don’t need to learn any coding languages or take any courses. Simply use services like WordPress or Squarespace to create a web page.

You’ll just have to drag widgets around and plan the layout of your site. This will take a few hours if you’re a newbie, but it’s worth it.

Create content

This step is much easier said than done. In order to create great content, you need to do your homework first.

Research the popularity of different topics. Look at what your competitors have done.

If you have picked a target market, look at what they are searching for using Google Instant. To get started, plan one topic per working day for the next two weeks.

Once you have your topics, it’s time to get started on writing. You don’t need to be a professional writer to do this. Just use your own words, keep your grammar correct and show the reader you know what you’re talking about.

Make sure to include all the essential information about your chosen products. All will be well as long as your content is engaging and informative.

Add products

You can’t make money without selling something. To earn affiliate commission, you need to provide links to the products you’re selling.

There are many ways of doing this. You could simply copy it from the product page on Amazon.

If that doesn’t seem good enough to suit your needs, consult the Amazon Associates Resource Centre for alternatives.

Make sure to test the link to ensure that it works as expected. You wouldn’t want customers to take their business elsewhere simply because of a technical issue.

Anyone can be an affiliate marketer. It takes time to reach a sizeable income, but persistence is key here.

The more traffic you attract to your website, the more likely it is that someone will click on your links. The better you get at creating quality content, the better your chances of increasing the popularity of your site.

In the beginning you might not be making a fortune, but success will come if you keep going on the road to an affiliate marketer.