Easiest Items To Resell For A Profit – 10x Profitability

Resell For A Profit

Resell for a profit or flipping items to bring in money has become more popular in recent years. A lot more people do it to make money to support themselves instead of extra spending money.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, it’s best to try with items that have no cost but still can bring in a couple of dollars when you resell for a profit.

Those items that bring in a small amount of money are not difficult to find. What makes the difference The most important is to study what brings in the most money.

Below are 5 items that you should consider trying to re-sell if you want to get into re-selling.

Yard Sales/Garage Sale/Estate Sales To Resell For A Profit

When you go to a yard sale, garage sale and especially an estate sale, there are a lot of items you could re-sell and make a profit.

It’s very easy to make money whether it’s a locker at a storage auction, a thrift store, and book sales at universities.

What helps these items being able to flip is that people will use these items. Most people would rather purchase used if the item is in good condition and cost quite less then if they were purchasing that item in a brand new condition which will help you to resell for a profit.

If you’re not sure where garage sales will be happening, websites like Craigslist will have that information.

After you check out those sales, you could re-sell on Amazon, E-Bay or another online store of your choice.

Random Possessions To Sell For A Profit


Re-selling old furniture can bring in a lot of profit and you can earn even more profit if you can restore the furniture to its previous condition or create something that looks new.

If you can’t restore furniture then it will sell for a lot less then it was if it was restored.

Clothes and Shoes

If you have any clothes that are still in good condition then they could bring in a huge profit.

You could make a living reselling old clothes that haven’t been worn through. A lot of people may use websites like Poshmark if they are going to sell clothes but some people sell blazers and other clothing on E-Bay also.

If you try to re-sell clothing, it’s best to only buy items from a recognizable brand.

When people buy clothing, it’s because that clothing is from a brand they recognize and the difference between whether clothing sells or sits on the rack could be the brand.


These items will bring in profit and sell quickly. Most people who are getting rid of these items will sell them for almost any amount just to clear up space.

The only thing you have to concern yourself with is if the tool is working when you purchase it from someone who wants to get rid of it.

If you want a recommendation of where to buy tools to flip, then yard sales would be the best place to search for tools.


The best place to look for cheap T-shirts would be thrift stores. T-Shirts you can get at a great price and people will pay a lot of money for t-shirts.

If you sell T-shirts, you will want to get a lot of inventory because they will sell quickly.

You don’t want to risk losing out on sales because you ran out of inventory because you won’t be able to get those sales back.

E-Bay and Amazon are a couple of the most common websites that people use to flip products and make money.

One thing to keep a note of is that whatever you sell, you can legally sell. This is mentioned because some products are not allowed to be sold by resellers.

Just because the items listed above are usually easy to sell, it’s still important to find a market that you want to be a part of. and study the market.

If you have reservations about buying something with the intent to flip, it might be best to skip on trying to resell that item.

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