Make Money Using YouTube Shorts

make money using youtube shorts

YouTube is a platform where you make money by monetizing your content. There are many ways to make money on YouTube, but one of the most popular methods is through adsense. We’re going to teach you how to make money using youtube shorts videos in this guide.

With this method, you would make money off of videos that have advertisements displayed as they play and when someone clicks on those ads.

Now however, there is another way to make money from YouTube: YouTube Shorts! These videos are between 5-20 seconds long and allow for more creative opportunities in comparison to regular length videos.

If you want to learn how monetize your short video content with adsense or other means now while it’s still early adoption stages, then read this article below!

So how do you make money on YouTube?

The answer is simple. Put out the content people want to see and make it relevant to their needs! This article covered a few ways that are still early adoption stages as well as some tips for monetizing your videos in general.

What Is A YouTube Shorts Video And Why Should You Use It?

There are many benefits of using youtube shorts video clips within youtube marketing campaigns . One of the benefits is that it can make your content more engaging for viewers. Short videos enable quick pitches and monetization strategies like affiliate marketing.

When people are watching a video, they often want something to hold their attention. Short clips allow you to do this without having to make an entirely new video!

How To Monetize Your YouTube Shorts Content: Can’t With Adsense – Yet!

There are many ways to make money on YouTube. This article covers two ways that are still early adoption stages and one way to make money in general: adsense. Monetizing your content with adsense is as simple as submitting the video you want monetized, filling out some information about it (title, description) and watching youtube’s algorithm do its job!

Warning on youtube shorts

The only caveat here is that your YouTube channel and content needs to be approved by their partner program which calls for 1,000 subscribers AND 4,000 hours of video content watched. Like so:

make money using youtube shorts

YouTube Shorts Videos & Adsense:

According to google support article to date…”Short-form video creators can’t share revenue from advertisements played in the Shorts player. Instead, we’ve started the YouTube Shorts Fund to reward creators for their contributions to Shorts.”

So how do you make money with YouTube Shorts Videos?

You simply do traditional affiliate marketing with videos that are less than a minute long. This means that keyword selection for your video is crucial. You want the keyword to make sense in the context of your video and make it easy for viewers to find.

For example, if you have a short clip talking about how coffee is not good for weight loss then select keywords like “coffee” or “weight loss.” You should also include long-form content on this topic because people may want to learn more about this topic.

How To Monetize Short Videos With YouTube Shorts Fund:

  1. The first step is make videos that are under a minute long and make them relevant to your audience’s needs.
  2. The next step would be keyword selection for the video as well as content creation on related topics so people have somewhere to go for more information.
  3. The third step would be make sure the video you created is submitted to youtube partner program and that your YouTube channel has at least 1000 subscribers AND 4000 hours of content watched.

This will make it go through Youtube’s algorithm faster! Lastly, wait for the videos adsense approval process (which takes about three weeks) before monetizing your content!

Video creation tools for short videos:

Here is a list of video creation tools that you can use to make youtube shorts video content:

  1. Canva (works really well for youtube shorts and scalable)
  2. Videoshop (great for quick short form videos)
  3. KineMaster
  4. VideoPad Video Editor
  5. Adobe Premier Pro or Adobe Animate CC (Free Trial and make high quality youtube content)
  6. The list of youtube short video tools is long and ever changing. However, make sure you are using free online resources because they will allow for the fastest monetization process!

Monetizing YouTube Videos: Adsense, Amazon Associates & More

There are many ways to make money with youtube. This article covered two of the more popular methods and one newer method that is still early adoption stages: adsense.

Amazon Associates (duh)

The easiest way to make money on Youtube is by using amazon associates in any videos you make. Ad serving won’t be enabled for these 60 seconds pieces of content but that’s ok!

One way to have monetized vids instantly is by putting a link in the video description or at the end of your video clip and linking it back to an Amazon product that you think would make sense for your content!

Another popular youtube monetization method is adsense sponsored videos. This article covered what one needs to do in order make money on youtube so we won’t dive into it here.

What makes Youtube Videos convert?

Creating highly engaging youtube video content along with the right keyword selection is the recipe for a successful shorts video that will make you money.  YouTube Shorts is a great opportunity for small creators with little time to create their own content. The process is quick and the potential payout large.

What are shorts video ideas for YouTube?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Simply look up the niche you’re interested in and find videos that are labeled with a hash tag shorts (it will look like this: #shorts) in the title of the video. Then take inspiration from what you watch on youtube – or from the youtube homepage – and start creating similar short form content.

Youtube = Google search

Google uses a carbon copy algorithm almost for its own search engine so treat youtube like a search engine as well. If you do the YouTube SEO correctly, you’ll find your videos ranking in the google search results which helps set you apart from thousands of creators. This has the potential to translate into awesome monetized ads eventually for your channel.

Shorts and short form video are #short for a reason

Because these shorts videos are 60 seconds or less, make sure that you make your videos as relevant to the viewers needs and watch for keywords in the video description.

Additionally, make a list of what topics people are interested in most and make short clips on those subjects too! Finally, make it easy for them to find more information after watching by including links or embedding longer pieces of content adjacent to your video.

Do you need a blog or site to deliver or serve your audience?

The quick answer is no.

If you want to send your channel audience from the short clips straight to an affiliate offer or landing page, you can.

You also have the option to build a small google site by going to and throwing a quick asset together to embed your videos on. It would lend more authority to the channel at least in the beginning.

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