How To: Make Money Posting Ads

Make Money Posting Ads

Make money posting ads – Ads are very important in today’s world. All forms of ads whether in form of video, text or even images can be found everywhere including on most web pages on the internet. Most people however, do not really know that they can earn some decent cash by simply posting ads online.

One major limitation is that most of these opportunities do end up being scams. These scams can waste a lot of your time and even money. Below are some genuine ways you can earn from posting ads online.

Allow Ads To Be Posted On Your Blog Or Website To Make Money Posting Ads

This is one of the most popular ways of monetizing a blog or website. By simply signing up on Adsense or any other advertising platform of your choice, adverts will start appearing on your blog or website. You will easily earn when a visitor clicks on ads that they see when they visit your blog so therefore allowing you to make money posting ads.

Even though you are bound to earn from every successful conversion, affiliate marketing can also earn good money. You will earn a commission every time a visitor buy products or services through your site. However, the amount you earn via affiliate marketing depends on the amount of traffic your site gets, where the ad is and the product you are advertising.

Earn From Posting Sponsored Content To Make Money Posting Ads

Brands, successful or not can pay you to endorse their products and services on your site. However, a site needs to have a good amount of traffic in order to earn more. Traffic is very important because it means more people will get to read or see your sponsored content.

Before posting a sponsored content on your site ensure that you understand the product or service that you are endorsing and how it is going to positively and negatively affect those who visit your site. This helps in maintaining your site’s credibility and integrity in the eyes of your readers.

Utilize The Power Of Social Media

Over the years social media has become a powerful tool. Did you know that you can earn by simply posting ads on social media? However, just like publishing sponsored content, you need to have a large and very active following on social media platforms.

In order to ensure that you remain relevant to your social media following, you need to post ads that are relevant to your following. You should also interact with your followers by asking or replying to questions relating to the advert regularly.

Earn Through Your Youtube Channel

Research shows that videos are better modes of advertising than plain text. If you are vlogger with a good amount of followers or you have a Youtube channel with over 1000 followers and over 4000 watch hours you can monetize your channel through Google Adsense. You can also earn by posting guest videos on your channel.


Earning online is one of the smartest and easiest ways of earning cash. The good thing is that some of the above tricks are simple and you do not need to have any special skills but a computer and the internet.

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