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Are you looking for a way you can make extra money? There are several strategies you can employ. The hard-economic times can make you think of doing something as a side hustle. There are several things you can do. Think of something you can do in your free time. The several activities can generate income if you can plan well. Sometimes you may not spare enough time to do the second job. The internet had made it easy. There are several online activities you can get involved in, and they will play a significant role in making you generate extra income. Here we are going to list for you several methods you can utilize to make extra income.

1.Publishing kindle eBooks

If you love writing, then you can write an exciting book and list it on the kindle store. It is a free platform where you can publish your book and start selling. The digital copies will be available on platforms such as laptops, smartphones, and iPads. Amazon attracts a worldwide market, making it easy to get a buyer for your digital book. Ensure you research and write something that will be of interest to readers. The book will be available online for several years, and it will continue making you passive income.


2. Affiliate marketing

If you have a website or a huge following on social media, you can start making money. Affiliate marketing involves sharing affiliate links where buyers can use, and you get a commission for the referrals. There are several companies out there that are looking for affiliate marketers. You can work with different companies to start earning online. Work on website SEO if you decide to run an affiliate website. For social media promotions, you need to grow your fan base. Affiliate marketing will be more profitable if you can make more sales. It is based on the percentage of sales made through the affiliate links.

3. Becoming a ‘Clickworker’

You can sign up for the platform Clickworker.com and take jobs. The platform allows you to complete jobs in areas such as data entry and filing forms. Provided you have free time; you can sign up to the platform from where you will choose different jobs to complete. The platform pays via PayPal. Each time you complete the jobs, you will be paid. It is an easy way to start making money from home.

4. Fill Online surveys

There are several survey sites you can join and start earning money. They will require you to fill simple survey questions, and you will be paid for doing so. Some of the paid survey sites you can check out include Toluna, Lifepoints, One poll, opinion outpost, YouGov, among others. The list of survey sites is very long. Others will have some restrictions, and others are free to join. Check out their requirements before you can sign up for a given survey site.

5. Get Paid searching the web

You can sign up for Qmee.com to get paid for searching the internet. It is a simple process; you start by installing an add-on to the browser, and each time you browser, you will earn money. The platform does not have a minimum payout. You can get your cash anytime. It generates revenue from the display of ads on your browser. If you are involved in research where you open several web pages in a day, you can install the add-on, and it will start generating income.

6. Online market trading

You can start trading in stock markets online. Nowadays, several apps have been introduced that allow you to access the stock market and invest. There is a need to stay careful as you engage in stock trading. Some people make a lot of money out of stock trading. You should be prepared as well to make losses sometimes if you are not careful. A platform such as eToro.com has several; features that make it possible for you to practice and start earning from the stock markets.

7. Start your website

There are several ways you can earn out of a website. For instance, you can start a website and rank it on search engines. The ranking website can be monetized through Google AdSense. You can as well list products on your site and sell them. It will require you to set aside time and work on the content on your website. A website with traffic can be monetized in different ways to generate income. If you can attract traffic to your website, it is possible to attract many people who will contribute to your earnings after they convert.

8. Review websites and apps for cash

Usertesting.com allows you to sign up and start testing websites and apps. The apps have been built and you will eb required to test them as the end-user and offer feedback. The tests will take less than 20 minutes, and you will earn up to $10. If you are free and you would like to earn extra income, then you can utilize the platform. It is among the easiest ways you can start earning money online.

9. ‘Get Paid To’ sites

The sites pay people for completing certain activities online. For instance, you may be required to complete a survey or any other task they can ask you. After you have completed the tasks, you will eb paid via PayPal. Some of the sites that fall under the category include Swagbucks, Toluna, and InboxPounds.

10. Becoming a delivery driver or rider

If you have a motorcycle, car, or bicycle, then you can start making money. Some delivery companies, such as Deliroo, allow people to sign up and start working as freelance delivery people. The delivery services can be hired by restaurants that would like food to be delivered to customers. If you can stay focused on your work, you can end up making up to $20 an hour working as a delivery service provider. Check out big chain stores in your area to know whether they have any delivery jobs they can assign to you.

11. Completing Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr has grown to become the largest marketplace where people can sell services. The services are referred to as gigs. You can do almost anything on Fiverr. They allow freelancers to offer translating, writing jobs, social media positions, and music, among other gigs. Provided you are available to offer a given service; you can consistently offer the services on Fiverr. The default price is $5, but some gigs can be paid thousands of dollars. You can even search for talented freelancers on Fiverr and pay them for services that you can later resell somewhere else.

12. Reviewing music for money

You can start making money listening to music if you can utilize the services offered by Slicethepie. It may take time before you can build your reputation, but some people have managed to earn reasonable amounts of money. It is interesting for you to review different brands and get paid. The platform will be exciting for you if you love listening to music.

13. Sell your notes

If you are a student in a given course, you can sell your notes to other students. Some students do not have enough time to write and summarize notes. You can utilize platforms such as Stuvia and Nexus to list notes. The notes will be turned into PDF, and other students will pay to download them.

14. Sell second-hand course books

After you have graduated from a given school, you would like to dispose of the books. Second-hand books can fetch money. You can list them on marketplaces such as Amazon, and you will get buyers. You can also ask your friends who would like to dispose of their books to hand them to you then you proceed to list them.

15. Buying and selling domain names

It is cheap to register a domain. In some shots, such as godaddy.com, you can register a domain for $0.99. You can search for domain names that have commercial value then list them for sale on Sedo.com. There are examples of people who have made millions out of the same for premium domains. You will be required to carry out background checks and ensure the domain does not have any penalties or things that can lose value.

16. Sell old CDs, games, and movies

If you have old CDs and games you do not use; then it is time to turn them into cash. You can list them on Amazon marketplaces or Musicmaggie to earn money. After watching a given movie, you may be no longer interested in watching it again. You can take the opportunity and list it for sale. Some homes have several movies that they no longer watch. You can turn them into money.

17. Become an online tutor

You may have excellent skills in tackling certain subjects. Education can be turned into money. Sign up for online tutoring classes as a tutor, and you will interact with students you will teach. For instance, some students in the region, such as Asia, would like to study English. You can teach them. Others would like to master certain concepts in math; if you are skilled in math, you can help and get paid for your work.

18. Sell your photos

You can make money out of your photography skills by selling photos on Getty images and adobe stock. Look for photo subjects with few search results, and you will increase the chances of making money out of selling your stock photos. It is possible to make a lot of money if you can take interesting photos. The method works well for you if you have a particular interest in photography.

19. Rent a car parking space

If you live in a busy area where parking fees are high, you can rent your free parking space to make extra money. Some of the sites where you can advertise your space and get a buyer include parklet, just park, and Gumtree. There are some spaces where car parking spaces are in high demand. You can start making money out of the space you do not use if you find someone who will pay to park the car in your space. Ensure the space is secure so that car owners can feel safe to leave their cars with you.

20. Babysitting

Do you love children? You can get paid to sit around children and watch TV if you are willing. The best way to locate babysitting jobs near you involves checking out local ads. Some families are buys, and the parents would like to get someone to look after their children. You can take charge and start making money out of the venture.

21. Dog walking & sitting

Pets need exercise. Dog owners are willing to pay someone who can walk their dogs. If you have free time, you can search for dog sitting and walking jobs in your area. You will as well get the opportunity to walk around and get to stay fit. Dog walking is an exciting activity, and it will earn you money in addition.

22. YouTube partner program

If you can create engaging videos and post them on YouTube, you will get views. The traffic you will generate to your channels over time will lead to making money via the YouTube partner program. The program works, so you will have to reach a certain threshold then start monetizing your videos. It is a program that pays if you are talented in creating engaging content.

23. Rent out your house for filming

If you have a beautiful house, then you can rent it out for filming. Some movie producers would like to get certain houses in unique places for filming. You can rent out your house for the filming and get paid. Another way you can make money out of your house is to list it on Airbnb. The platform allows you to rent out an extra room you have in your home for vacation goers.

There are several methods you can apply to make money. You can try other methods such as modeling, working as a freelancer in different jobs, and selling clothes on eBay.