How To Get A Paypal Credit Card For Business Expenses

PayPal Credit Card

How frustrating it is when you need to purchase something urgent online, but don’t have urgent funds available! Thankfully, there is PayPal credit card.

If you qualify, you can experience security and convenience when buying goods or services for your business.

You will access the credit line if you have a PayPal credit card. So here’s how you get that.

Create A PayPal Account For Business Expenses

The need to first have a PayPal account, since that information will be used in your application for the Mastercard.

Visit the PayPal Extras MasterCard site and then enter your email address and the password you used to create your account.

You will see your account information in the form following, which is the general credit application required.

You can now select details, such as paypal credit card design preference, income, and other details. Once you click “Agree and continue,” you will advance to the next section.

Throughout the entire application process, be conscientious and careful not to put false information in, whether intentionally or not.

Any doubtful bits of data can be rejected by PayPal, making them request verification from you, such as identification or address checks.

This will help them not reject you for a paypal credit card, or freeze your account later. Mistakes can look like fraud; therefore, take care to double-check what you’ve input.

Now if you don’t have a regular PayPal account as a merchant, here’s how you set that up. On that same Extras Mastercard site, there is a button, “Create a PayPal account”. Select that and you will be directed to a page to fill out basic details.

Once this brief application is completed, click “agree and continue”. You have created a basic PayPal account. You will then be re-directed to complete a credit application.

Smart Connect Card Option For PayPal Business Expenses

If it turns out you cannot qualify for the PayPal Extras MasterCard, then you can still apply for the PayPal Smart Connect Card.

You can use the Smart Connect Card any place PayPal is accepted as a payment method.

There are some differences, however, with the user benefits of these two cards. The Extras MasterCard has roadside assistance and extended warranty available to its customers. Smart Connect users will be able to switch up to the Extras Mastercard if invited PayPal.

These invitations happen every so often, and for customers who have proven themselves over time. They will initiate, but you can rewarded with more perks.

Credit Limits

Your credit limit will be decided by PayPal upon approval. They look at such things as your credit history and your current credit score to set an appropriate limit.

Ninety days in, PayPal will re-assess your account, and award an increase of your credit limit, if you qualify. Basically, your account has to remain active and open over those three months. In addition, PayPal will also add a credit line which is equal to your credit limit. This happens once it approves your application.

It takes ten days for your card to arrive at the address you provide. Do activate it as soon as possible. You should also keep your information up to date for as long as you have it.

Final Thoughts On How To Get A Paypal Credit Card

A cash shortfall is handled more smoothly when you have a credit line you can access. Follow these steps to get a PayPal credit card, so you can use this effective form of credit to stay current on all your business expenditures.

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