5 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Make money online – We need money to live. Your life will often revolve around money. Every single day, you head out to work and earn cash.

Then you have a couple of hours to yourself. You sleep. Then the next day the loops starts over again. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to make money?

Wouldn’t it be even better if you fell asleep at night, and then woke up the next day with more money in your account?

Some work. Some don’t.

There are a lot of different methods to make money online while you are sleeping, or any sort of passive income for that matter. Some work. Some don’t.

On this page, we want to look at some of the various methods to make money online with the minimum amount of effort, but also methods that can still deliver a hefty sum of cash if you do them properly.

Sell Content To Make Money Online

It doesn’t matter how you look at it. The internet is just content. Pictures. Videos. Writing. Sound.

You can sell your content online. Now, if you want to make this income ‘passive’, then your options are fairly limited.

Yes. There are some websites which will allow you to upload articles in the hope that they sell, but this isn’t the greatest way to make money online passively.

That is more ‘active’.

Stock photos and videos, on the other hand, are much easier to make some cash with ‘while you sleep’. You could even try and sell some fonts or drawings you have made.

If you make music, then there are plenty of options available there too.

Good sites include:

  • Shutterstock
  • Envato
  • DaFont
  • iStock
  • Picfair

These sites accept a wide variety of different types of content, so you will want to check them out to see which one is right for you.

eBooks To Make Money Online

This is one of a few ways you can make income from your money ‘passively’.

If you know a subject ‘inside out’, then why not share your knowledge on it? Many people have produced eBooks, and they have continued to sell well for years and years after they were first written.

The best part is that a lot of the investment for an eBook is purely time. If you can design your own eBook cover and do the editing yourself, then the monetary investment is minimal.

You can use established platforms like the Kindle Store on Amazon.com to sell your eBook to the world and make money online.

Although, do make sure that you have produced quality content, because if your book does not deliver on the promise that it makes, then you aren’t going to be making a cent from it.

If you want a greater chunk of the profits from selling your eBook, then you can also start up your own website and sell it there to make money online.

However, do bear in mind that it is going to take a lot more effort to get ‘set up’ and actually selling your book if you follow this method. However, selling through your site may also open up other methods for passive income.

Print ‘On-Demand’

This can tie into the previous two money-making methods. Although, rather than producing something digitally here, you will be shifting physical products to make money online.

It is really going to take some creative talent to start selling your products like this, though. Most of the money in printing on demand is in clothing designs and the like. Although, there is a market for books as well.

There are some sites which will even allow you to sell a digital version of your eBook on top of a physical version, which means more sales.

When you print on demand, you won’t need to keep the products in stock. This saves you money. Just set up an account with Cafe Press and upload your designs there.

Although, do bear in mind that you will probably need to put a bit of effort into your own marketing if you want those initial sales to start rolling in.

This is a fantastic way to make money online if you actually can make something that is worth selling.

That being said, this is another method which will require nothing more than you just taking the time to create something. There is no monetary investment on your part.


While YouTube is becoming more crowded by the day, and the rules with regards to making money with YouTube have changed a little, it is still a viable way to make money online.

Again, you don’t need anything more than your creativity.

While there are many ways to make money with YouTube, these methods pretty much all boil down to create good content and then upload it regularly. Once you hit a certain number of views on your videos, you will start being able to run AdSense adverts on them.

You then get more traffic. more traffic leads to people viewing more ads, and this means more money.

You will need to market your videos on YouTube. A lot of this marketing will involve tapping into the analytics of the videos that you upload.

This will allow you to see which keywords are working for you. The types of content that people enjoy etc.

It is no secret that some people are making thousands of dollars per month on YouTube. If you take the time to produce quality videos, there is nothing that says this can’t be you in the future, is there?

Domain Name Flipping

This is actually the first way to make money online on this list which will involve you needing to spend a little bit of money.

When you flip domain names, you will be investing your cash in a domain name that looks decent to you.

It may be a domain that contains keywords which people search a lot for, for instance. Once you have bought this domain name, you have two options:

  1. Sell the domain name
  2. Build up a website

The second option will likely earn you a lot more money. People do want to spend money on websites which have shown that they can make some cash.

However, do bear in mind that this will take a bit of effort on your part when it comes to marketing.

The first option could make you a lot of cash, but you need to remember that if you sell a domain name it needs to be highly valuable.

It takes a lot of skill to find a domain name which has value on it’s own without having a website attached to it.

There is no passive income method which is going to make you money instantly. While some people will make money on a single eBook or stock photo, or even a single domain name, it isn’t the ‘norm’.

You will need to take the time to build up your passive income streams. However, if you keep working at it, the money will start to roll in, and you can continue to invest in yourself.

One day, you really could be waking up with a bigger bank balance.

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