Step-By-Step Guide To Bum Marketing

Bum Marketing

Guide to bum marketing – Bum Marketing is simply described as one way to make money online with very minimal effort and the whole process would cost you absolutely nothing. A lot of people are looking for ways to make money without spending money, and this article will point out to you 8 cool tips on how to make money using the popular “Bum Marketing Method.”

8 Cool Bum Marketing Tips

1. Target Hot Trends And Products

Product selection is critical, and sometimes this is the hardest part, but if you know where to look for, this is much easier. Find hot trends or products people are searching for on search engine. Go to Google trends tool to find out exactly what people are searching for right now.

2. Search For Good Keywords

The next thing you need to do is to generate a list of keywords related to your product/s. Keywords are phrases you know that people are searching for on search engines. Use free keyword tools like wordtracker or Google keyword tool for long tail keyword ideas.

3. Checking The Market And Your Competition

Type in your keywords phrase in quotes to Google, look at the number of pages on top, the bigger the page volume, the harder the competition, which also means hottest trends or niche. Check out for the first top 10 competitors on page 1 of Google and see what’s actually on those pages.

4. Find Your Products To Promote

Find affiliate programs that cater hot trend products, if you are new to this idea, simply go to Clickbank marketplace, set up an account and start selecting products that you can promote. In doing so, you simply look at the gravity of at least a 100 (ideal), which means 100 affiliates have made sales from promoting that product so it should be easy for you to make some money too.

5. Article Writing

Make every article count, if you don’t want to write a ton of articles to make huge sales, that means you need to write high-quality articles that provides the reader exactly what they want. Your article should be based on your long-tail keywords, and each one should cover a different aspect of the topic.

6. Make Your Bio-box

Bio-box is the short statement or phrase at the end of your article that tells a little about you or your products and contains the link to your site, or to your affiliate link landing page. It’s the most significant part of your article, where you put your “call-to-action” to induce the readers to click through to the site you are promoting.

7. Submit Your Articles To Top Article Directories

It is best to start with and write 10 or more articles per product and submit them to at least 10 article directories. You simply create an account with each directory.

Brilliant for bum marketing!

8. Rinse And Repeat The Process

Keep on writing and get to publish at least one article per day, after a month you will have 30 articles, after 2 months 60 articles, after 3 months 90 articles, and after a year 365 articles. So let say, the product you are promoting would give you an average extra income of $40 per month per article, with 60 articles $2400/month, with 90 articles $3600, and with 365 articles = $14600/month. And this is just by writing and publishing an article per day.

So what are you waiting for? Get started! Make some money using Bum Marketing method with no extra cost, just spend a few extra hours per day. It works great really, and it will work for you too, just do it right and start writing today.

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