Why You Should Be Using Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing – Know why technology is so great? It’s because whatever we want to do in real life, we can also do in the digital world, and sometimes more efficiently.

It was only a matter of time before the digital world became so commercialized that marketing on mobile phones would become a normal occurrence. Mobile phones are used today for more than just calling or texting someone.

As a marketer, the next logical step is to implement a strategy through this medium to reach your clients night and day, since you can do that at any time and location.

Importance of mobile marketing

A brief look around you when you go out would reveal almost everyone has a smartphone.

Quite likely around 70% of your customers own smartphones

Quite likely around 70% of your customers own smartphones. These individuals would likely have access to the internet via their phones. Smart marketers know they need to adjust towards the new platform.

Today, businesses are taking advantage of mobile marketing to acquire more customers. In case you are not so aware, below are some of the reasons you need to give it a priority.

Social Media Provides a Platform For Adverts On Mobile Marketing

Social media services, such as Facebook and Twitter, help global marketers take advantage of mobile marketing.

They have adjusted their services so that marketers can reach mobile phone clients. You only need to click a button to begin.

Mobile marketing stretches far and wide

Mobile marketing is global marketing. There are so many methods of getting online, there is virtually no part of the world or walking-talking person that isn’t hooked up by some device. Get in on this!

Retailers are not investing in mobile marketing

If you are a retailer, this appeal is especially for you. Surprisingly, the volume of retailers taking up this opportunity is low. Perhaps I can convince you now to invest in it.

Mobile phones help in online growth

Perhaps the most used device for internet access is the smartphone. Numerous studies have shown that more than 83 percent of internet users use their mobile phones. Laptops and desktops are used way less for internet, and may be decreasing even more these days.

Google wants retailers to start using mobile marketing

If you are not using mobile marketing, Google is encouraging businesses to get on board. If your website isn’t easy to access using a mobile phone, you may find Google difficult to use in the future.

It has a personal touch

For the same way you feel noticed by others when you receive a text message, so your customers feel a little more appreciated when they get personal recommendations from you on their smartphones. It’s such an easy way to turn an individual into a great customer.

It is a great opportunity to reach your customers anytime

Even desktop users use smartphones a lot, so your marketing strategy doesn’t have to change for each type of device. And it’s likely you’ll get their attention if they’re constantly looking at their phones.

It might be expensive later

Sooner or later, you’ll have to indulge; so why not take advantage now, when costs are lower. It may mean a business loan to effect later on.

Mobile marketing provides new possibilities

New technology, such as virtual reality, has made mobile marketing sought after, yet practical.

Mobile marketing is big and is in-control

It is evident that mobile marketing drives in-person shopping, and vice versa. Financial experts believe that by 2020, 45 percent of many companies’ incomes will be generated through mobile marketing.


Mobile marketing is a significant and an interactive way of acquiring new with clients. It also offers instant access to your clients, irrespective of location or time, and produces higher returns on investment compared to other forms of advertisement. If your business has not started using this strategy to market your products or services, you better start using it today. I promise, you’ll see a positive difference.

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