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Affiliate Marketing And 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are you well-informed about what affiliate marketing entails? Start out is usually the most challenging part especially if you have no idea about it or what is required of you. The following are the most asked questions concerning affiliate marketing.

Do I Have To Pay In Order To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

Of course no. To join any affiliate program is free. What you are required to do is to work on your website to ensure it generates more traffic to help kickstart your affiliate marketing.

More traffic means that there are many visitors visiting your website. A website with a good number of visitors can enhance the conversation rates and boost your commission’s levels.

How Do I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Once you have signed up for an affiliate program, you will have links on your website directed to the advertiser’s site.

You will only earn a commission once a person has clicked the link and subscribed for the service or purchases a product.

Thus compensations are determined on the pay per lead or pay per sale criteria.

Are There Any Website Specifications?

Specifications tend to differ from one program to the next and thus they will be based on the individual programs.

Some of the factors advertisers put into consideration when evaluating affiliates websites are quality of the content, average volume on a monthly basis among other things to be mindful of when affiliate marketing.

You should first check individual requirements on the advertiser’s websites and customize your website to suit their specifications prior to signing up.

What Happens To The Products That Are Returned?

Many affiliate programs only make payments for products that have already been paid for and delivered to the customer.

If a customer returns the product, the commission earned from the product is deducted from the total amount you have earned.

This is the reason why advertisers don’t make payments immediately to allow more time to cater to the products that may be returned.

However, the possibility of the product being returned is minimal especially if you pick high-quality products from a company that is reputable.

How Much Is The Commission?

Commission starts from 1%-20% but can even be more than that. However, there are several programs whose rates are fixed.

How Much Can I Earn Per Month?

This will mainly depend on the nature of the products or services you are marketing, their level of demand, your capability to convince the potential buyers to click and generate more traffic to your site.

If you are intending to boost your earnings, you should start by picking the right product and work on your website to attract more traffic.

The amount you can earn online has no limits. It will depend on the effort you direct towards this program.

Do I Have To Meet Certain Academic or Professional Qualifications In Order To Become An Affiliate?

The answer is no.

There are no qualifications or certifications required in order to become an affiliate.

However, prior to getting started, its recommended to go through several tutorials may it be on blogs or YouTube.

Have an extensive reading so as to understand the techniques to use when it comes to choosing the products to promote and how to improve your earnings.

Will The Advertiser Have Control Of What Have Posted On My Blog Once I Have Signed Up?

The answer is Yes and No. You are the one to run your website and choose what you feel is good to share with your readers.

However, the advertiser can limit you on the things you can mention concerning the brand you’re promoting.

This is also applicable to the product and brand images you share with your target audience.

You retain the control of your site while at the same time abiding the terms of your affiliate agreement.


Affiliate marketing is amongst the well-paying affiliate opportunities. If you do it correctly, you can make huge amounts of money on a monthly basis, working for very few hours a week.

Having this in mind, you will work out your way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer with more ease.

How To Effectively Build Your Credit Score

Build your credit score? – In a recent survey, the National Foundation for Credit counseling found that people would rather talk about how much they weigh than divulge their credit score.

Of course, most of these people have bad credit as a result of financial hardship of some kind. Yet people with good credit scores rarely talk about it either.

In fact, if you were to ask them about it, they might simply stare at you rather than boast about it.

No matter who you talk to, though, everyone understands how hard it can be to grow and maintain an excellent credit rating.

How do some people build and keep such good credit scores, then?

Well, first and foremost they’re excellent financial planners; they do not commit to financial obligations they cannot meet, and they always make their payments on time.

If you’re looking to repair your credit score after it has been damaged, or you simply want to take it from good to great you should emulate these behaviors.

Improving your credit score isn’t all that difficult, but it does require you to put your finances first (even when it’s no fun).

How to Improve Or Build Your Credit Score

Before you make any changes at all, you need to know where you currently stand. Get a copy of your credit report from a service like AnnualCreditReport.com to see what you are doing well and where you need to improve.

Be sure to check it thoroughly and challenge anything that looks incorrect through TransUnion or Equifax to make sure that your credit score is accurate and give you a good head start to build your credit score.

Consider Your Credit Card To Build Your Credit Score

Next, you should consider your credit cards and overdraft; if you have debt you should prioritise shrinking it.

Having maxed out credit cards is bad for your credit rating, so put any nearing their limit at the top of your list and try to pay more than the minimum where possible.

If possible you should move your outstanding balances to a card that has low interest. Check comparison services for cards with 0% balance transfer fees and a good interest rate.

Once your cards are under control you will notice an improvement in your credit score, but this is simply repairing the damage previously done.

What you want is to actively improve your rating.

Whatever your credit level, a secured loan is an accessible way to begin to build your credit score. Why?

Because banks don’t generally check your credit score when it comes to secured loans because you’re required to put down a lump sum as collateral anyway.

Take out a manageable amount and meet all of your payments, and you will see a real improvement in your efforts to build your credit score.

Of course, if your score is particularly low, you may have to do this a few times before your score improves enough to get a good rate on unsecured loans.

Nonetheless, this is one of the best ways to quickly improve bad credit.

Finally, get into the habit of checking your credit report regularly as this will show you what progress you have made as well as how far you have to go.

If you implement these tips and meet all of your financial obligations consistently you will soon have a credit score to be proud of!

How To Get A Paypal Credit Card For Business Expenses

How frustrating it is when you need to purchase something urgent online, but don’t have urgent funds available! Thankfully, there is PayPal credit card.

If you qualify, you can experience security and convenience when buying goods or services for your business.

You will access the credit line if you have a PayPal credit card. So here’s how you get that.

Create A PayPal Account For Business Expenses

The need to first have a PayPal account, since that information will be used in your application for the Mastercard.

Visit the PayPal Extras MasterCard site and then enter your email address and the password you used to create your account.

You will see your account information in the form following, which is the general credit application required.

You can now select details, such as paypal credit card design preference, income, and other details. Once you click “Agree and continue,” you will advance to the next section.

Throughout the entire application process, be conscientious and careful not to put false information in, whether intentionally or not.

Any doubtful bits of data can be rejected by PayPal, making them request verification from you, such as identification or address checks.

This will help them not reject you for a paypal credit card, or freeze your account later. Mistakes can look like fraud; therefore, take care to double-check what you’ve input.

Now if you don’t have a regular PayPal account as a merchant, here’s how you set that up. On that same Extras Mastercard site, there is a button, “Create a PayPal account”. Select that and you will be directed to a page to fill out basic details.

Once this brief application is completed, click “agree and continue”. You have created a basic PayPal account. You will then be re-directed to complete a credit application.

Smart Connect Card Option For PayPal Business Expenses

If it turns out you cannot qualify for the PayPal Extras MasterCard, then you can still apply for the PayPal Smart Connect Card.

You can use the Smart Connect Card any place PayPal is accepted as a payment method.

There are some differences, however, with the user benefits of these two cards. The Extras MasterCard has roadside assistance and extended warranty available to its customers. Smart Connect users will be able to switch up to the Extras Mastercard if invited PayPal.

These invitations happen every so often, and for customers who have proven themselves over time. They will initiate, but you can rewarded with more perks.

Credit Limits

Your credit limit will be decided by PayPal upon approval. They look at such things as your credit history and your current credit score to set an appropriate limit.

Ninety days in, PayPal will re-assess your account, and award an increase of your credit limit, if you qualify. Basically, your account has to remain active and open over those three months. In addition, PayPal will also add a credit line which is equal to your credit limit. This happens once it approves your application.

It takes ten days for your card to arrive at the address you provide. Do activate it as soon as possible. You should also keep your information up to date for as long as you have it.

Final Thoughts On How To Get A Paypal Credit Card

A cash shortfall is handled more smoothly when you have a credit line you can access. Follow these steps to get a PayPal credit card, so you can use this effective form of credit to stay current on all your business expenditures.

Grow Your 401K Continuously With Ease

401k savings plans offer many benefits to the savvy saver.

Grow your 401k – However, there are still risks involved with such options, especially if they are taken out on the basis of bad advice.

When set-up cleverly a 401K savings or retirement plan can help you to increase your personal wealth exponentially, and this is partly to do with their place in tax legislation and how to structure things properly.

After all, whether you’re a paid employee, a freelancer, or a small business owner tax presents itself as the most challenging obstacle to financial growth so it pays to be informed when looking to move forward in business.

A 401K, however, is a tax-deferred investment account which side-steps that whole, messy issue so you will want to grow your 401k.

To see real results, you should follow these simple 401K tips when looking to grow your 401k:

  • Have a plan; consult a financial advisor and take a self-directed 401k retirement option which lets you choose where you invest your funds. This lets you keep control of your money., and means that you, and any financial advisor that you hire, can switch funds as and when you feel is appropriate.
  • Start early; if you want to take advantage of compound you need to start saving early. After all, time is money and if you’re able to take advantage of interest over time your 401k funds could grow exponentially!
  • Invest in real estate; real estate is one of the most stable investment options open to 401k owners so investing a portion of your money in ‘bricks and mortar’ is a great idea.
  • Avoid mutual funds; at the moments mutual funds like fire are not reliable. In fact, they may be the reason why you have been hearing about so many 401k disasters of late. If you’re determined to invest some of your money in a mutual fund, we recommend that you hire a financial advisor to assess your chosen funds before you do so. This upfront investment could help you to avoid a big loss in the future.
  • Consider an IRA; if you take advantage of an IRA (or individual retirement account) you could avoid some of the early withdrawal charges that come with many 401k plans. Alternatively, look at the loan regulations on your particular plan to see if you can request a cash loan to minimize such charges.
  • Think about inflation; when saving for retirement you should never underestimate the power of inflation. You should assume a rate of 3% inflation per year to be on the safe side. After all, you want to make sure that your savings are meeting the rise in the cost of living so that you can maintain your lifestyle after retirement.

Grow Your 401K

Whatever you may have heard about 401k retirement savings plans, they do have their pros and cons when trying to grow your 401k.

The main benefit of these plans is that they are tax-deferred cash development options. The main downside is that they can be quite risky unless you opt for a self-directed option and implement these tips (as well as consulting a financial advisor).

These are challenging plans that require careful planning and attention, but if you’re clever and take good advice they can provide excellent results.

Be the master of your own fate with a 401k savings plan, and you could even find yourself retiring early! If you find a decent financial advisor that can advise on how to effectively grow your 401k and what would work best for your needs, look on Google to find one in your area.

4 Simple Methods To Cash In With Youtube

Have you been thinking that you would like to make money with YouTube? In the past, the most prevalent way people could cash in with YouTube was via joining the partner program that YouTube offered.

But you must have over four thousand hours of watch time for your channel for a period of twelve months.

Not only that, you also need to have a minimum of one thousand subscribers before you are allowed to participate in the program.

In order to earn from this program, people much not only watch your videos, but they must also watch the advertisements if you hope to earn a lot of money this way.

The good news is that this is not the only way you can earn money on YouTube.

That is why we share four ways to be successful in your desire to make money with YouTube.

1. Direct traffic to visit your blog or website to cash in with youtube

It is amazing to be able to engage in promoting your business on YouTube via video marketing. On YouTube, you are able to present the marketing of your business in many ways. You can provide an introduction to your business.

You can even hold a Q&A session in order to provide answers to people’s questions regarding your niche, services and products to cash in with youtube.

In addition, you are able to provide tutorials via videos that provide additional value and help for your viewers. This will excite them with the desire to go to your site.

2. Promote your own services and products

As a result of there being a wide abundance of traffic on YouTube, this is a massive opportunity to promote your services and products exclusively. This is a highly effective method for home business owners.

To establish rapport and credibility with viewers, share your insights, delve into your expertise and provide tips. You can even do product videos.

3. Do affiliate marketing by promoting the products and services of others

The good news is that in order to cash in with YouTube, there is no need to have your own personal services or products.

It is easy to do affiliate marketing by promoting the products and services of others. Affiliate marketing is a good option for those with a YouTube channel and a decent sized audience that they can readily influence.

You will, thus, be promoting the products of others and you will earn money by directing viewers to sites to buy the products and cash in with youtube.

4. Use crowdfunding

With YouTube, you have the opportunity to earn a regular income via crowdfunding. This is dependent on the topic of your channel and how much value the donors will receive from partnering with you.

Thus, you can use money from crowdfunding in order to address specialized topics. This can interest donors who will fund your efforts in exchange for you also mentioning them, their products and services in the video.

Did you know that there are 1.5 billion people who visit YouTube per month? In addition, as a search engine, it is the second most popular one.

With this being the case, there is the opportunity to make a lot of money with YouTube, i mean properly cash in with youtube!

Caption Cha-Ching! Earn Money Captioning Videos

Earn money captioning videos – When you take on a captioning job, it will be your responsibility to create captions for various videos. This includes television and movie captions.

This is one of a few jobs where you can work from home. It is a big responsibility, though.

When captioning, you need to be fast, but you also need to be incredibly accurate. While the ‘higher paying’ jobs do require some experience, you will find that there are plenty of options for beginners too.

Types of Captioning You Can Do To Earn Money Captioning Videos

The most ‘common’ captioning, and the one you will most-likely be doing as a beginner, is ‘offline closed captioning’.

With this, you will be transcribing the audio for TV shows and videos which have already been recorded. While you can take your time a little bit on this type of captioning, it is likely that there will still be strict deadlines you need to conform to…often only a few hours.

As long as you have a computer and keyboard, you should be fine with this work from home job to earn money captioning videos.

The second option is real-time captioning. This is probably not something for beginners.

With this, you will be providing captions while the TV show or event is being broadcast live.

You need to be fast. You need to be incredibly accurate. Real time captioning jobs tend to pay the most, but you probably won’t be doing them for a good while.

The skillset is slightly different here, as you will need to use a stenographer. This involves typing in ‘shorthand’.

For this, you will need to complete a course to show that you can type shorthand. You will be surprised at how many jobs a certificate in shorthand can actually up to you too, even beyond captioning.

The higher number of skills required here means there is less competition for the work.

Looking for Captioning Jobs To Earn Money Captioning Videos

There are a lot of captioning jobs around. You just need to know how to find them. There will be some basic jobs on freelance websites like Upwork or Freelancer.

However, there are also dedicated captioning companies you can work with. The most popular here being Caption Media Group and Captioning Star.

You may want to be signed up to several different services to ensure the work continues to flow in.

For the most part, you should be able to make a living working from home if you stick with these sites.

They will send you the work whenever they have it. However, if you want to make the ‘big bucks’, you should go out and find clients yourself.

You will often find captioning jobs appear on major jobsites, although you can also reach out to clients directly to see if they are searching for a captioning freelancer.

It may take a while to score your first client like this, but it is worth it.

Our Thoughts

Once you have experience, working in captioning can generate a decent income for you. It isn’t easy, but it can be a fun job on occasion. There are plenty of ways to advance yourself to gain higher paying jobs too.

Make Wix Work For You And Cash In With Wix!

Cash in with Wix – Gone are the days where you need an unimaginable amount of technical knowledge and time to craft the perfect website.

Sites like Wix allow you to create a quality website quickly. You don’t need to know anything about coding.

Just sign up up to Wix and use their intuitive ‘drag and drop’ website builder. This easy process means that there are several ways that you can make money with Wix.

We are going to talk about a few of them on this page.

Design Websites For Others And Cash In With Wix

It is easy to make websites on Wix and cash in with wix. Anybody can do it. The problem is that most people do not have the time to build a website on the Wix platform.

While a business owner could easily create a site on Wix, they probably want to focus on the other aspects of their business.

This is where you step in.

You could offer your services as a web designer to these businesses. You can craft a website using your knowledge of how the Wix platform works and cash in with Wix.

Selling your skills and time is a fantastic way to make money. Wix makes it ridiculously simple to be a web designer on their site too.

In fact, they have a whole section of their platform dedicated to plugins that you can use to build these websites.

This means that you can make even more money by adding more features onto the sites that you construct.

Blogging Website To Cash In With Wix

If you are more into writing than design, then blogging on Wix is perfect for you.

There are plenty of ways you can make money blogging with Wix. Some people will promote products and get an affiliate commission on them.

Others may simply ‘sell’ advertising on their blog. Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest route to go down. There are a plethora of products out there that you can review.

Sign up to the associated affiliate program and you can make money using the link you are given and cash in with Wix.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that blogging is a ‘quick path to riches’, though. Blogs take months, if not years, of dedication before you can make a sustainable income.

Sell Products on Wix And You Guessed It – Cash In With Wix

This is a bit of a harder route to go down, but there is a whole lot more money to be made.

You can sell both physical and digital products on Wix. For example; there are plenty of people making a living by selling their eBooks and music on the site.

If you have a bit more capital available, then you can invest in physical products to sell.

You can also look into dropshipping if you don’t have the space to keep physical products in stock.

Train people to use Wix And Cash In With Wix

This isn’t something you will be able to do right off the bat. Once you have been doing some of the other methods to make money with your website, you should have ‘mastered’ the Wix platform.

You can then share your knowledge with other people. There are plenty of places online that you can sell your course.

You can also offer one-on-one training. Yes. It will take an astonishing amount of marketing know-how to get your course selling, but once the money rolls in, you can see it as ‘passive income’‘.


This does tie into the blogging somewhat.

If you have content up on your website, you will be able to monetize it with various banner ads. You can even sell ad space to companies if your website is really successful.

Most people will start with sites like InfoLinks and Google AdSense. You can quickly graduate from those when your site has a following.

Ads can make a huge amount of money.

Our Thoughts

This is just scratching the surface for making money with Wix. As you can see, there are plenty of methods available to you.

Just find something that lines up with your talents. Do a bit of planning and then jump headfirst into your site design.

There is nothing which says you can’t make a living with money gained from Wix.

Get Paid For Your Opinion!

Paid surveys from the beginning

Get paid for your opinion – In the day and age that we live in, there is so much opportunity to make extra income online. While they might not make you into a millionaire, paid surveys are a great way to give you a little extra cash from month to month.

Surveys is something that ANYONE can do

Surveys is something that ANYONE can do and get paid for your opinion, they require no skills and you are basically paid for just giving your opinion on different services and products.

It is important that you find the best paid survey sites for your time and money. There is no doubt that some companies pay higher than others so make sure to do your research and Google is a good place to start. You should follow these tips to ensure that you get the most out of paid surveys online.

Join Many Paid Survey Platforms To Get Paid For Your Opinion

There are a variety of companies out there who will be happy to pay you for your opinion. Join several sites, try surveys on them and see which ones work best for you.

Figure out how much time you spend on a survey compared to how much you are paid and if it is worth it. Some surveys are also a lot more interesting than others.

You might want to stop using the lesser paid/most boring sites for paid surveys after using this technique and then you should have a winning strategy on the go.

Use Form Filling Software For Paid Surveys To Get Paid For Your Opinion

Many surveys ask the same information over and over again, which can get extremely boring and tedious to undertake.

You can use software that fills in these kind of forms for you, which should save you a little bit of time on paid surveys and alleviate the stress involved from repetition which is always welcomed.

Read the questions and answer honestly

You are depended on to answer all surveys honestly, so make sure that you do this at all times. Some surveys will disqualify you if you rush through them too quickly and answer dishonestly.

You will also be regularly asked screener questions to make sure that you are paying attention so read each and every question instead of skimming through them as you do not want to risk to not get paid for your opinion.

You might even be booted off certain sites altogether if it is obvious that you are being inconsistent with your answers.

Answer profile questions

By filling in your profile thoroughly when you join a new survey site, you are more likely to be sent paid surveys that you actually qualify for.

It can be so frustrating to be constantly getting disqualified from surveys because they don’t suit you, so following this step will make sure that it doesn’t happen as much.

Refer your friends

The majority of surveys will pay you for referring friends so this is definitely a feature that is worth taking advantage of when looking to get paid for your opinion.

Share your personalized link in as many places as you can and when somebody uses your link to sign up, you will get a nice little bonus.


If you really want to start making money online, having as many income streams as possible is advised.

Paid surveys can give you a nice little extra cash into your bank every month without too much effort and makes a change to get paid for your opinion.

Join some popular survey websites today and wait for the money to come rolling in.

Why You Should Be Using Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing – Know why technology is so great? It’s because whatever we want to do in real life, we can also do in the digital world, and sometimes more efficiently.

It was only a matter of time before the digital world became so commercialized that marketing on mobile phones would become a normal occurrence. Mobile phones are used today for more than just calling or texting someone.

As a marketer, the next logical step is to implement a strategy through this medium to reach your clients night and day, since you can do that at any time and location.

Importance of mobile marketing

A brief look around you when you go out would reveal almost everyone has a smartphone.

Quite likely around 70% of your customers own smartphones

Quite likely around 70% of your customers own smartphones. These individuals would likely have access to the internet via their phones. Smart marketers know they need to adjust towards the new platform.

Today, businesses are taking advantage of mobile marketing to acquire more customers. In case you are not so aware, below are some of the reasons you need to give it a priority.

Social Media Provides a Platform For Adverts On Mobile Marketing

Social media services, such as Facebook and Twitter, help global marketers take advantage of mobile marketing.

They have adjusted their services so that marketers can reach mobile phone clients. You only need to click a button to begin.

Mobile marketing stretches far and wide

Mobile marketing is global marketing. There are so many methods of getting online, there is virtually no part of the world or walking-talking person that isn’t hooked up by some device. Get in on this!

Retailers are not investing in mobile marketing

If you are a retailer, this appeal is especially for you. Surprisingly, the volume of retailers taking up this opportunity is low. Perhaps I can convince you now to invest in it.

Mobile phones help in online growth

Perhaps the most used device for internet access is the smartphone. Numerous studies have shown that more than 83 percent of internet users use their mobile phones. Laptops and desktops are used way less for internet, and may be decreasing even more these days.

Google wants retailers to start using mobile marketing

If you are not using mobile marketing, Google is encouraging businesses to get on board. If your website isn’t easy to access using a mobile phone, you may find Google difficult to use in the future.

It has a personal touch

For the same way you feel noticed by others when you receive a text message, so your customers feel a little more appreciated when they get personal recommendations from you on their smartphones. It’s such an easy way to turn an individual into a great customer.

It is a great opportunity to reach your customers anytime

Even desktop users use smartphones a lot, so your marketing strategy doesn’t have to change for each type of device. And it’s likely you’ll get their attention if they’re constantly looking at their phones.

It might be expensive later

Sooner or later, you’ll have to indulge; so why not take advantage now, when costs are lower. It may mean a business loan to effect later on.

Mobile marketing provides new possibilities

New technology, such as virtual reality, has made mobile marketing sought after, yet practical.

Mobile marketing is big and is in-control

It is evident that mobile marketing drives in-person shopping, and vice versa. Financial experts believe that by 2020, 45 percent of many companies’ incomes will be generated through mobile marketing.


Mobile marketing is a significant and an interactive way of acquiring new with clients. It also offers instant access to your clients, irrespective of location or time, and produces higher returns on investment compared to other forms of advertisement. If your business has not started using this strategy to market your products or services, you better start using it today. I promise, you’ll see a positive difference.

5 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

Make money online – We need money to live. Your life will often revolve around money. Every single day, you head out to work and earn cash.

Then you have a couple of hours to yourself. You sleep. Then the next day the loops starts over again. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to make money?

Wouldn’t it be even better if you fell asleep at night, and then woke up the next day with more money in your account?

Some work. Some don’t.

There are a lot of different methods to make money online while you are sleeping, or any sort of passive income for that matter. Some work. Some don’t.

On this page, we want to look at some of the various methods to make money online with the minimum amount of effort, but also methods that can still deliver a hefty sum of cash if you do them properly.

Sell Content To Make Money Online

It doesn’t matter how you look at it. The internet is just content. Pictures. Videos. Writing. Sound.

You can sell your content online. Now, if you want to make this income ‘passive’, then your options are fairly limited.

Yes. There are some websites which will allow you to upload articles in the hope that they sell, but this isn’t the greatest way to make money online passively.

That is more ‘active’.

Stock photos and videos, on the other hand, are much easier to make some cash with ‘while you sleep’. You could even try and sell some fonts or drawings you have made.

If you make music, then there are plenty of options available there too.

Good sites include:

  • Shutterstock
  • Envato
  • DaFont
  • iStock
  • Picfair

These sites accept a wide variety of different types of content, so you will want to check them out to see which one is right for you.

eBooks To Make Money Online

This is one of a few ways you can make income from your money ‘passively’.

If you know a subject ‘inside out’, then why not share your knowledge on it? Many people have produced eBooks, and they have continued to sell well for years and years after they were first written.

The best part is that a lot of the investment for an eBook is purely time. If you can design your own eBook cover and do the editing yourself, then the monetary investment is minimal.

You can use established platforms like the Kindle Store on Amazon.com to sell your eBook to the world and make money online.

Although, do make sure that you have produced quality content, because if your book does not deliver on the promise that it makes, then you aren’t going to be making a cent from it.

If you want a greater chunk of the profits from selling your eBook, then you can also start up your own website and sell it there to make money online.

However, do bear in mind that it is going to take a lot more effort to get ‘set up’ and actually selling your book if you follow this method. However, selling through your site may also open up other methods for passive income.

Print ‘On-Demand’

This can tie into the previous two money-making methods. Although, rather than producing something digitally here, you will be shifting physical products to make money online.

It is really going to take some creative talent to start selling your products like this, though. Most of the money in printing on demand is in clothing designs and the like. Although, there is a market for books as well.

There are some sites which will even allow you to sell a digital version of your eBook on top of a physical version, which means more sales.

When you print on demand, you won’t need to keep the products in stock. This saves you money. Just set up an account with Cafe Press and upload your designs there.

Although, do bear in mind that you will probably need to put a bit of effort into your own marketing if you want those initial sales to start rolling in.

This is a fantastic way to make money online if you actually can make something that is worth selling.

That being said, this is another method which will require nothing more than you just taking the time to create something. There is no monetary investment on your part.


While YouTube is becoming more crowded by the day, and the rules with regards to making money with YouTube have changed a little, it is still a viable way to make money online.

Again, you don’t need anything more than your creativity.

While there are many ways to make money with YouTube, these methods pretty much all boil down to create good content and then upload it regularly. Once you hit a certain number of views on your videos, you will start being able to run AdSense adverts on them.

You then get more traffic. more traffic leads to people viewing more ads, and this means more money.

You will need to market your videos on YouTube. A lot of this marketing will involve tapping into the analytics of the videos that you upload.

This will allow you to see which keywords are working for you. The types of content that people enjoy etc.

It is no secret that some people are making thousands of dollars per month on YouTube. If you take the time to produce quality videos, there is nothing that says this can’t be you in the future, is there?

Domain Name Flipping

This is actually the first way to make money online on this list which will involve you needing to spend a little bit of money.

When you flip domain names, you will be investing your cash in a domain name that looks decent to you.

It may be a domain that contains keywords which people search a lot for, for instance. Once you have bought this domain name, you have two options:

  1. Sell the domain name
  2. Build up a website

The second option will likely earn you a lot more money. People do want to spend money on websites which have shown that they can make some cash.

However, do bear in mind that this will take a bit of effort on your part when it comes to marketing.

The first option could make you a lot of cash, but you need to remember that if you sell a domain name it needs to be highly valuable.

It takes a lot of skill to find a domain name which has value on it’s own without having a website attached to it.

There is no passive income method which is going to make you money instantly. While some people will make money on a single eBook or stock photo, or even a single domain name, it isn’t the ‘norm’.

You will need to take the time to build up your passive income streams. However, if you keep working at it, the money will start to roll in, and you can continue to invest in yourself.

One day, you really could be waking up with a bigger bank balance.